Friday, January 2, 2015

My Dear Sweet Adeline is turning 2!

Some fun facts about Adeline as she is turning two:
1. If you call out for Adeline from a different room she will respond with "what" 
2. Tell her you have to pee (or potty) and she will go into the bathroom and open the lid for you and say "there ya go!" 
3. She sits on porky for him to give her rides.
4. She loves to climb and jump on everything, but put her on a swing and she screams and cries.
5. Her favorite question: "where's daddy/mommy?" 
6. Tell her "love you" and she will blow you a kiss with a "muuuaaaaahhhhhhh"
7. She will share her food with you, and hand feed it to you, eaten or not. 
8. She loves to draw circles with pen and paper
9. She loves her nuks. She needs 3 in order to sleep, one in her mouth and one in each hand. 
10. she prefers to play with cars and trucks over dolls. 
11. she LOVES helping around the house. In fact she feeds Porky daily, she helps load and unload the dishwasher, she sweeps and cleans up. :) 

I can't believe she is going to be 2 already. I remember my labor, her birth and her little baby self so clearly. I am so blessed to have spent every day of her life with her. She brings joy and laughter to everyone that knows her. I love seeing her personality shine! I often just stare at her in amazement. I am beyond blessed to be her mother. She is coming out of her shell with people that aren't her daddy, mommy, Mimi or auntie. Which is so nice! Her papa is her newest favorite person. She loves to give high fives and absolutely LOVES to laugh and play around. She is not a very big snuggler, but I do get snuggles through out the day, and I soak up every second of them. She is in her big girl bed now and doing fabulous! Her big grin every morning as I open up her door brings the biggest smile and warmest feeling in my heart. 

Enjoy a few (too many?) photos of my Dear Sweet Adeline. 
She got into the fridge...

a rare snuggle, turned into naptime on mommy

Helping her daddy work

Mimi, cousin Bryn, Adeline and papa! Some of Adeline's favorite people!

Playing at the park


She found a crayon...

Calling her Mimi

Her first night in her big girl bed!

Having fun with her Mimi and Cousin Bryn!

Elephant ride

Shopping and phones- every girls dream  
Taking over daddy's dinner

she loves yogurt

Did I mention she likes to take off her diaper if she isn't wearing pants? 

Watching Beauty and the beast snuggling mommy and daddy. 
She loves baking! Especially with her Mimi!

Mothers Day 2014

Fun with the hose 
Fun with friends

more fun with friends

snuggling with mama