Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7 weeks- I think. :)

My first doctors appointment is in a week from today!  I am so excited and I can't wait! I am praying we get to hear the heartbeat and get to see the little blueberry on the big screen! :)

How have I been feeling since the announcement? LIKE POOP!!! :) I felt fine until Mothers day, and that is when the sickness started and has been pretty much non stop. I have had 2 days (which includes today) where I feel better, definitely not perfect, but I'm not miserable. I love getting a little break!  It helps me catch up with everything I have been slacking on! My husband has been amazing in letting me relax and do my thing for me to feel better. He isn't much to baby me, which you know... I would love to be baby'd! :) But I know he understands how I am feeling and lets me be lazy. Which I really appreciate!!

It is hard feeling like poop, because my husbands schedule has really picked up and he has so many things to do and so little time to do them now, that I feel bad that I can't help him out more. I am hoping I can get the hang of this all day sickness thing I got going on, and kick it in to gear for my husband.

symptoms of pregnancy I have:
- bloat! Today is the first day i have been able to button my pants in about a week!! :) Thanks Tums!
-constipation. enough said.
-nausea- oh man! I feel sick all the time! People at work probably think i am a freak, when I get super nauseas I take a deep breath in and out, well I end up doing that quite frequently. hehe.
- acid-y i feel like I may have acid reflux a little bit, the tums seems to be helping.
-my boobs have grown! My boobs are huge already! But yep, they grew!

I also am wearing sea bands to help with the nausea, they are definitely helping me get my personality back! They don't work 100% but I know it would be a lot worse without wearing them! (i've tried)

I haven't been as tired as i was in the beginning, or as tired as I thought I would be!  I even tried to nap yesterday because I was feeling crummy, and I couldn't! so I just lay there.

I haven't gained any weight yet! Which I am so grateful for! Especially since I have discovered eating helps with the nausea. My weight goal right now is to make it out of the first trimester without gaining any weight. (just my goal, I am still aiming to eat super healthy, and I am overweight, so I know the doctors would be ok with it, and I am not restricting anything too much, just aiming to keep the junk out!)

I love being able to experience all of these! Even though it is unpleasant and difficult, I am so grateful that God has given me and Jordan this blessing and am brought to tears at just how thankful I am for God and allowing me to experience this!

Next week I think I will start making weekly "bumpdates" after I have my doctors appointment! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

one week

I have known I am pregnant for a week now! It went by fast! thankfully! The first day I spent the entire day in prayer thanking God and asking Him not to take this away from me. The second day it hit me a little more that I really am pregnant. Each day has sunk in more and more and I love this baby more and more! Even the morning sickness that hits me mid morning, after work and at night I love! I am extremely tired and I get hot flashes on top of that. But I wouldn't have it any other way!! Seriously. If I don't feel like bum bum, I get worried that something isn't ok. Me feeling morning sickness and what I think is round ligament pain gives me joy and comfort! I have waited so long for this baby and sometimes I can't even believe its here!! I can't wait for my belly to get big and round! I can't wait to hear the heartbeat! I can't wait for the baby to kick! I can't wait to see the baby in the ultrasound! I can't wait to go into labor! I can't wait to breastfeed! I can't wait to cloth diaper! I can't wait to snuggle this baby in my arms and have my heart burst with joy! I can't wait to watch my husband be a daddy, I can't wait for porkchop ( my soon to be 2 year old english bulldog) to be a big brother!

13 more days until my first doctor appointment!! YAY

Monday, May 14, 2012

The day I found out I was pregnant

Well ok it started the night before,  May 8th. I knew I was supposed to get my period that day. But I was tired and sluggish, and just kind of felt sad, and I couldn't figure out why. Looking back I think I felt sad because I knew I was supposed to get my period, it didn't come, but I knew it was too good to be true that I was pregnant, and I "knew" I was going to be disappointed. So I went to walgreens, bought a pregnancy test, "knowing" it was going to be negative. I waited until after dinner and took the pregnancy test, IT DIDN'T WORK. great. That works well with my feeling crappy already. I had a thought in my head, that maybe God doesn't want to give me a positive test when i am feeling down like this. But quickly pushed that thought aside, I went to bed pretty early and dreamt that I was pregnant, I woke up at 3:30 having to pee, I told myself to go back to sleep and next time I wake up I will take the test. I woke up at a little after 6 am and I woke up and went straight to the bathroom, in that 3 second walk, I knew I was pregnant. I peed on the stick, and watched, and it was instantly positive, even before the control line. I stared at it until the control was there. Thinking "oh my gosh, i am pregnant, oh my gosh." It really was soo surreal!! I went to the side of the bed where Jordan was sleeping and I poked his arm and said "Jordan, I think I am pregnant" his response "why" and I said " I peed on a stick and it told me I was" He hopped out of bed and went to look at the stick. He stared at it intently. I could feel his excitement. He crawled back into bed, and I did too to snuggle him before I had to get ready for work. I told Jordan I was going to call the doctor ASAP, he said he thought I should probably take another test just to make sure since the first one crapped out on me. So I drove to work, took a break as soon as target opened, ran to target, got 3 pregnancy tests, went into my work bathroom and took another test. :) It came out positive again! I called Jordan and said ok its official! We had decided then that we would tell our parents that night! I worked all day, I told my sister, who was BEYOND ecstatic for us!! She cried, and thanked God for this blessing in our family!! Have I told you, I love my sister? :) I got home and took a nap, ITS TOTALLY JUSTIFIED NOW!  I am growing a baby!  I need it! :) I woke up, sat around, Jordan got home and off we went to dinner with his mom. Right after we got our food Jordan made the announcement!! :) She was shocked and excited! We finished up our dinner with fun pregnancy talk, and then headed home to pick up the porkchop. :) We put his shirt on him and headed to my parents. We videotaped the reaction of my mom...

My dad walked in shortly after (at the end of the video you can hear my dad say "whats going on out here") it took him a minute to understand that I was going to be having a baby, but he was excited! He doesn't show it, but just a "congratulations, I'm happy, I like this news" My mom called the next morning and said they kept calling each other grandma and papa. :) So fun!

We are so so excited!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm Pregnant!

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley We are expecting our first baby!!

Estimated due date January 7th!! First doctor appointment end of May!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My TTC journey in a nutshell

 I stopped taking birth control in November 2010, because Jordan and I decided we were ready to have a baby!  I got my period in December (the very next month) but I didn't get my period January 2011, I was super excited and thought oh man! I am pregnant!! I took a pregnancy test, it was negative. I got nervous, I really wanted to be pregnant, but deep down I knew something was wrong. I never got a period, and after 4 months I went to the doctor to discover I had PCOS (which I wasn't totally suprised since my sister has it too) I got on metformin, and didn't lose any weight, even though I felt like I was trying really really  hard! Can you say frustrating?!  And I still  never got my period!

 Life went on and I lots of research but I never really changed any habits. Then one day at work a girl I had only talked to a couple times had overheard me talking about not being able to get pregnant, and she later stopped me and told me about how her sister struggled and one month after juicing and eating non processed foods she was pregnant!  ( I know God brought us together), she told me about her story and her sisters story and juicing and eating non processed food and a lot of fruits and veggies REALLY helped their health! I was intrigued and loved it! her sister got pregnant the very next month after she started doing this! I WAS SOLD!! Me and her went to lunch a couple times, talked all about juicing, and eating healthier and I got super excited about this new journey I wanted to start! I started juicing in October and I started ovulating and getting my menstrual cycle in October! I juiced 4 times and got my cycle back!! I knew this was my answer. I had felt God calling me to the natural remedies through my whole journey. God is so amazing! Seriously. I can't say it enough how amazing He is.
 My cycle lengths started out being 46 days, then 43 days, and then the last two months they were 36 days! :)
I started juicing, and eating low glycemic index foods. Those are the only two changes I have made. I think juicing is what really kick started my body and eating the low glycemic index foods helped my insulin stay down and not surge (which is an issue with PCOS, mine definitely stems from insulin resistance)

Ok so I totally feel like this is an infomercial or something.  I can't describe to you how awesome I feel about consistantly getting my period and knowing that pregnancy is just around the corner!! I went from feeling like it was so far away,and now I know it is just around the corner! :)

Yay to healthy eating!! Now if I could just lose me some darn weight!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I just wanted to stop in and show off a newborn session I did the other week! He is so adorable! I can hardly stand it! I am just in love with his hair, and his lips!