Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday weigh in

This post was for last week.. May 22nd. Lol. It never published! So looks like I lost .6 lbs from last week. 

Hey look I'm getting more timely with my weigh in posts!! Yay!! :)

I am getting good at drinking water again (hallelujah!) I used to have no problem drinking 70 ounces. But I fell off that wagon and it was a struggle to get back on. It's slowly returning. 

I notice a difference in my weight on weeks I walk. That is always encouraging. I hope to make my walks an every day routine, but I have an almost 5 month old and I watch my niece- a 4 month old. And I'm not smooth transitioning into things! 

Every day I'm learning about how to run my day a little bit smoother! I have the girls morning routine down, unfortunately that pretty much leaves me no time for exercise or housework but the girls are happy and its not chaotic. So I can't complain. 

I am ready to be thin though! Can you just unzip this fat suit! If only right!? 

I am proud I only "gained" 20 lbs during pregnancy. I actually gained 48 but lost 28 within 9 days of post partum- so that doesn't count as true weight in my book. 

I am working on a daily list to give myself to make sure I accomplish what I want each day. I thrive off lists and I love checking things off. I think that will help my gracefulness each day! 
Alright we I'm going back to bed now that Adeline is done nursing 

Wednesday weigh in

Posting my Wednesday weigh in on a Wednesday what's wrong with me! Haha! I'm all organized!

!Down .8! Ill take it!! Now if I can keep this streak up! Which I know I can, it's just doing it. 

 I was going through old photos- and I wanna lose weight I looked great! 40 lbs ago! But baby steps. Today I took a 2.25 mile walk. I'm working on 80 ounces of water for the day. I had pancakes for breakfast and popcorn for lunch.. So that's not the best- but I don't need perfection, improvement is really what I need! I'm working on making sure I'm hungry before I eat. I've always heard losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So my main focus will be diet. 

I am really trying hard not to go crazy and be realistic- because going all crazy doesn't work for me. So small baby steps, imperfections and pancakes and popcorn once in a while it is!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wanna know something crazy?

I cannot wait to be in labor and deliver a child again! Seriously. I think I am insane. I had such a wonderful birth experience I can't wait to do it again. I can't wait to see how different/similar it is.

I am hoping a few things are different. I was on bed rest the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy, I am hoping that won't be the case this time. I hope to labor at home for as long as possible next time. I hope instead of having a 23 hour labor, it will be 13 hours or less. I made it 15 hours naturally with pitocin with Adeline. I hope to not need pitocin and to have it be less than 15 hours! I got to 7 CM dilated and wanted to epidural and was scared they wouldn't give it to me... I was so tired and thought I was ripping into two. I felt everything while pushing, but since I did have the epidural I want to know if I really did feel everything, and if it was toned down at all, because it SURE didn't feel like it. Even though I want a few things to be different with my next delivery, I can't wait! Even if I get an epidural and sleep through the whole thing. I just had an amazing experience. I really bonded with Jordan (my husband) during labor, and delivering a child. WOW. I mean WHAT A GIFT FROM GOD!!!  AMAZING! I don't know when I want to have another, we aren't there yet, I can wait to be pregnant again and I can wait to have those sleepless nights again, but labor and delivery... I am so excited for! haha. yes, I am a nut job. 

Oh and don't get me wrong, pregnancy was amazing and having a child is BEYOND amazing, I just am not ready to do those parts again :) 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adeline is 4 months old!

I cannot believe my sweet pea is 4 months old already!!

 She scoots around on her back (she pushes her heals down and scoots) and she gets pretty far. She can scoot across the whole room- no steering though.

She is talking up a storm! She has found her screaming voice, she isn't crying, just talking really loudly. We call her a pterodactyl.

 She is such a joy!  My whole body emits happiness when I look at her. When I pick her up from her naps or in the middle of the night, I just want to squeeze her to pieces because I love her so much.

Her laugh and smile is infectious and melts my heart every day.

Right now she is a mommy's girl big time. Often she will smile and laugh at/with people from the comfort of my lap, but if people (daddy included) try and pick her up she doesn't really like it.

she loves her daddy so much! We both think she is going to be a HUGE daddy's girl when she grows out of this "only on mommy's lap" thing. She lights up every time he walks into the room.

I have had some breastfeeding supply issues- I just learned it was because I went on the mini pill!! For some reason it had decreased my supply. So now we are working on building it up. I nurse and pump. There was 1.5 days that I didn't nurse, just pumped, and I missed it terribly.

  I was just looking back at the post about my fears about breastfeeding, I was worried I would hate breastfeeding, so glad that isn't the case!

She is a drooling machine!

Her hair on the sides pretty much fell out and just have regrowth. :) it is adorable! I think she had more hair at birth than she does now, but the top is growing like a weed! :)

I love her feet! I could stare at them all day! Well actually I could just stare at her all day. I have first time mom syndrome bad. :) I think every movement, expression, eye brow wiggle, etc is the cutest thing ever!

She has started sucking on her fingers and it cracks me up.

She is pretty close to rolling over, from back to stomach, but hasn't done it yet.  Same with sitting up, she is getting there, but not yet. She loves to kick and play with her feet, if you lay her on her back, her feet go up!

I started a journal to her.  I hope to have her grandma's write in it, and daddy and auntie. I hope it will be something she will treasure forever and can be passed down forever! :)

Addie & her cousin Bryn- 5.5 weeks apart

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday weigh in

 I'm getting back on track! Drinking lots of water, eating healthier and walking. Starting today :) I need to keep my persistence. And I will do succeed

Losing this!