Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best of August

It was hard to pick my favorite of August! I had a lot of photo sessions this month that I really enjoyed and was happy with! But ultimately I had to go with this one! :) And i am happy to share this again! He-he

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Monday, August 29, 2011

someone I love

over at Allie photography has a photography challenge and the theme this week is someone you love.. well this was easy.. I love my Porkchop.

{A Photo} Challenge

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Life has been busy for me lately and I am really enjoying it!  I am starting to feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as my to do list! Woohoo! I scrubbed my floors tonight! That is a huge feat!   Tonight, I ran out of excuses, or I decided I had to run or clean the floors and I opted for cleaning floors. :)

Last Sunday I ran my very first 5k (well if you don't count warrior dash, but that was insane, I feel like it wasn't even a real 5k, it was just 3 miles of craziness) I am so happy with how I did! My time was about 37 minutes! It isn't the best in running in fact I placed overall 109 out of 150. But I don't care. I beat my time by over 3 minutes, and that is what I am proud of! I ran the last .2 miles as hard as I could! I thought I was gonna throw up as I reached the finish line, that is what I am proud of. My husband and I waking up and doing active things together, that is what I am proud of! I loved every minute of it! I felt great!

Monday was our 2 year anniversary. We decided we would keep it low key, we went out to breakfast at the original pancake house, got home, took Porky for a walk, I scouted out some locations for some photo shoots, we hung out, went to dinner and rented 2 movies. It was really nice low key day that  I wanted. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My furry friend

This is my furry friend. He just happens to be living at our local zoo. But we have a bond. Do you see how he wants me to come in there and cuddle with him? I totally get that vibe from him. He wants me to scratch his ears and rub his belly. But I prefer to keep my eyeballs in my head so I will stay in the are that the zoo wants me too. :)

The Paper Mama

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I heart nanimals

I have been so busy lately, or at least I feel that way, if you remember this post I have just been such a scatter brain! I feel like things are starting to finally calm down and I am slowly but surely chipping away at that darn to do list (all the while adding more to it) Last Monday I went to the zoo with the small town mom. I had such a good time. Her little baby (well ok.. toddler) was so adorable to watch, and just chit chatting and having girl time was just so awesome. I love those 2 girls so much! Here are some a lot of the pictures. I love nanimals. They are so cute! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

sneak peak of my day

Today I went to the zoo with The small town mom and her little cutie! It was so much fun! More zoo pictures to come! 

This week at I heart faces is the eye photo challenge.  To check out more eye shots go to.. 
The Paper Mama

Sweet Shot Day

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sleepless in Minneapolis

okay, totally cheesy title... but it made me giggle, because it is unbelievably cheesy.. .and that overboard cheesy makes me giggle.

Do you ever have days/weeks where you just have so much on your mind you go kind of crazy? That is so me lately!

I have so much on my "to do list" that I can't sit still, I can't concentrate, I can't sleep, and when I do sleep I dream about the stuff I need/want to do! It is bad! Sitting here reading blogs and writing a blog I am as antsy as antsy can be! I am wiggling around crossing my legs, uncrossing my legs, putting my feet up, putting them down, playing with my hair, then thinking about my hair, and if it looks good au natural or not. I have so many ideas and thoughts that I have been so scatterbrained lately. I read and I can't concentrate. But I want to read and retain, but I find myself thinking about photography. I start the photography stuff I want to do, and I start thinking about the Sunday school lesson I need to prepare, I start preparing the lesson and I see all these papers that need organizing so I do organize, then I remember I was doing I was editing pictures. It has been a viscous cycle for me lately. And I have accomplished nothing.

So I am off to run... or to prepare the Sunday school lesson, or to register for a 5k, or to snuggle with the husband and puppy, or to eat dinner, or to edit, or to organize... maybe read  :)  ....Something.

I am showing off my shot! :)

and then, she {snapped}

Monday, August 8, 2011


best friends are we, My sister and me! 
-Author unknown.

Quotography at {My}Perspective


Sweet Shot Day

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Some of you may know that I am struggling with infertility from here and here and here and here.  I have tried medication twice to get an induced cycle, because well it is dangerous to go this long without a cycle( I am being polite for you squeamish readers... appreciate). And to be honest I have secret hopes that it will kick start my body into knowing what it should do. Well this last attempt(taking meds), looked like it was going to work, it really did! I felt like it, seemed like it. But nothing. "of course." "Why would it work for me." Those are my negative, uncensored thoughts. But something finally clicked in me, and I have been on a role! ( Not to mention extremely emotional, and about to break down and cry at any moment in regards to me becoming a mother) But due to this whole medical jargon (that I won't get into) lots of women have had success getting pregnant when controlling their diet and exercise. GREAT! 

 I don't like telling people that because I am not infertile because I am fat. Actually I am not fat. I could lose weight, yes. But I am not fat. And I feel like when I tell people about how some women can get pregnant when they control their diet and exercise I feel like they think its because I am fat. I had someone say "oh, its a weight issue" (she also topped the scale at probably 90 pounds and is like 5'9... that didn't help) It isn't a weight issue, at all. It is a hormone issue, exercise releases a hormone that helps with something that could trigger my hormones to start doing what they should, and begin to go into their normal ranges! Also because of PCOS I am insulin resistant, so watching my carbs and sugars, will help as well. I knew I wanted to work on this and do this stuff, but I have so much that I want to get done and do that exercise got pushed off, and well carbs and sugar are my weakness. So it got pushed to the back burner. I was so inconsistent with my running, but since the warrior dash, and my husband got involved in running, I have been on a role this week! And it feels GREAT!! I ran 5 days out of the last 7 days! Tonight I ran my quickest! I also have recently made a decision to be carb conscious.  

 My birthday is less than a month a way and I know that it is going to be a hard day for me. I always thought I would be pregnant on this birthday, or have kids. To know that I have basically no chance whatsoever that this will happen by my birthday...sucks. oh yea.. positive thoughts.

It feels so wonderful to be on such a positive road in this journey. I do not know if I feel like my journey is close to the end, but I hope and pray that it is!

my awesome new running shoes! To go along with my attitude of I can do this!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. seeing Double 

I pulled this one out of my archives, because this shot is instantly what I thought of when  I saw this prompt! It is porkchop seeing him self in the mirror. It was so cute! He would go up to it, sniff it, lick it, bark at it, and eventually he sat and stared, wondering why this dog wouldn't play with him.  

2. Sweet
This shot is from my newborn session I did, babies... they are so cute! I just love them! :)

3. Bright

These are my awesome new running shoes! I love them!

4. space

This cute little babe doesn't take up much space at all!

5. Whatever
 I think this is a great caption for this photo!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Too cute!

On Tuesday I did a newborn photo shoot and I just had to share a couple of my favorite pictures! I am not finished with editing or anything, but this little darling is too cute to NOT share with you guys!