Monday, April 30, 2012

Still here

Hey all- I wanted to stop in and tell you I am still here! I have neglected blogging lately. I don't even REALLY have a good reason, but I have some excuses.  I went to South Dakota this past weekend, my husband transferred locations at his job, and with that comes new hours, My photography has really been picking up! (YAY) I am trying to adapt better photography business ediquette! (more on that later) I haven't lost any weight, and I have been really lazy lately.

But I will be posting more and catchin you up! :) I also am working on my TGB photography blog and will hopefully have that up and running and I can share that with you guys.

oh and I also had a scentsy party! Another excuse of why i was busy! I haven't been bringing my camera out lately. I have only been taking it out during "work". Lame. eh? I have vowed not to let that be me! So I am taking a pictures on my camera lately, and I got instagram and drawsomething! Love those two things! :) I am also reading the "5 love languages" (Not sure who the author is) and "so long insecurities" by Beth moore. I am meeting with a great friend and discussing the beth moore book! And 5 love language book is just for me. I really enjoy marriage books and learning and growing in my marriage. I LOVE being married and I love learning more about my husband and I love analysing him! hehe. :)

well I will have a better post shortly!

PS- I have been keeping up on reading blogs for the most part from my phone, which is why i don't comment. but I should be developing a routine in the NEAR future. hopefuly this week is the week for that! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly weigh in 13

Weight loss this week: I'm not exactly sure how to count this week... because yesterday I would have lost 1 lbs this week, however I woke up this morning, and it said I gained two!!! I think it is just a flucuation. But I guess I will go with the +2 lbs, but just know next week, will probably -3 or -4 lbs!! :) Because of that flucuation.

Total weight loss: +1.4, I am not that sad, because like I said... yesterday showed a -1 lbs loss, which would have totalled -1.6 total. but I am being nice, and sticking to Monday weigh in only. ;)

Average: (13weeks in) +1.4

Exercise: I went on a few walks this week, they were short, but they still count! Yesterday I had a newborn photoshoot, and I definitely sweated! Still not taking the elevator at work. I really notice an attitude change in myself when I exercise, I walk taller, feel slimmer, I overall feel better about myself! I love it! of course, I am not really focusing on exercise, but I am definitely noticing how good I feel about these small slight changes.

Also- my husband bought P90X. I am thinking about doing it too, but I am really nervous to tell people! What if I start doing it, and then I stop because I am too overwhelmed with too much to do? I think I will write it in this section and that is where you can find my update on it! I will probably even do a day 1 picture, and continue to take pictures, if I continue to do it, every two weeks.  

The little baby in her belly, is the newborn photo shoot I did! I can't wait to share! :)

Juicing: I juiced once. UGH. I will juice 3-4 times next week. I will.

My pills: I didn't refill my pills so I was awful at taking them! And we are waiting for my prenatals to go on sale, so I am out of them too! Good thing my eggs are 3 months old so whatever I ovulate this month will be vitamin-ed up! :) (same thing as last week)

I am refilling my pills tonight though!

update on my cycle: No update since I got my period two weeks ago. I am however going to start charting my temps again. At least for a small amount of time.

Overall: I feel like next week is going to be an awesome week with weight loss, especially because i think the two pound gain is a fluke, and the day before it said  I lost 1 lbs (which is more like it)

a workshop experience

I went to a photography workshop with one of my favorite photographers  (she was teacher) Michelle At the end of March. It was so much fun! There was so much that we covered and so many awesome stories shared! I can't even begin to talk about it, but we basically started from the beginning and worked through through post production. I LOVE watching other photographers in post production, not because I want to copy them, but I taught myself. 100% the first time I started editing, it would take me 4 hours to do one photo, and I always ended up undoing everything I did, and restarting the 4 hour process over again, ON THE SAME PHOTO!! haha. So to see what they do, and compare to what I do, and get validation that I do it the same way they do, well just makes me feel good about myself, and gives me conformation that I am doing it right. :) 

Sometimes I have a hard time in groups of people,  I get nervous, I fear that once I leave they will talk about how dumb or annoying I am. Weird I know. I am better off with like one or two other people.  I just get shy, and instead of involving myself, I back off and hope I am invisible. This is such a new thing for me, I never used to be like that. I used to LOVE being center of attention. I actually think it all ties in with my lower self esteem I have been struggling with lately, because of my weight gain. 

It was a lot of fun to be a part of a group photographing the couple. It is such a great experience! And I look forward to doing many more workshops, and hopefully developing friendships with people from the workshop! 

Here are some pictures that I took during our photo walk with a "live couple" :) :

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter mini sessions

I don't remember if I told you how nervous I was for my Easter mini sessions? 

When I got the idea to do the sessions, I was at Target shopping (funny where inspiration hits you) and decided I would go for it.  I told my sister and my friend about it,they both were super encouraging, but I just had that fear of failure! What if nobody signed up? What if I just flat out fail? How embarrassing! 

Eventually I decided if I was going to run a business I can't be afraid of failure. It was triple the success that I could have asked for! I was so ecstatic!! I look back and I am so thankful for the opportunity and SO THANKFUL I did it!! It was so much fun and some hard work! I had bruises all over and was sore! (hey, its hard work to get kids to smile! :) ) 

My Porkchop

Thursday, April 12, 2012

a good read (an article- teaching children a little respect)

I just want to stop in quick and say I loved this article! 

Teaching children a little respect

I feel like so many kids out there that lack respect for adults. That is one of my fears when I become a mother, I want my child to respect adults, peers and things. 

I love the suggestions this article offers. Sometimes I think about it, and think "How can I do that" and this article just kind of lays it out there pretty simplistically, which I love! :)

I hope to be a good example to my future children, and reading things like this is such a great reminder for me! I just hope I can remember this when I do become a mom! 

Have a fabulous Friday! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly weigh in 12

Weight loss this week: - 0.6 

Total weight loss: -0.6

Average: (12weeks in) -0.6

Exercise: Not taking the elevator at work and sneaking in a few walks a couple times a week.  

Juicing: I juiced twice. Working on upping my average to 3 times a week.

My pills: I didn't refill my pills so I was awful at taking them! And we are waiting for my prenatals to go on sale, so I am out of them too! Good thing my eggs are 3 months old so whatever I ovulate this month will be vitamin-ed up! :)

update on my cycle: No update since I got my period last week

Overall: I am really glad that i am losing weight! I feel like I found my groove, but I don't want to say it too early and gain my weight again! I want to really find my groove and lose weight every week! I am not even picky about how much I lose, as long as the scale is going down.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a great Easter! I am off to church, and hang out with my family, and enjoy a lazy night! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a little bit of this... and a little of that.

This week I have been kicking back and relaxing, well... sort of. I have been working on my photography business like crazy! I really have been trying to get caught up on posting my previous sessions onto my facebook page because I am so behind! For a lot of 2011 I wasn't posting each individual session, lesson learned.. do it at the time you are editing, WAY easier. It is a lot of fun to look back at my work though. It  brings back fun little memories. Some sessions I didn't like at the time, and now I look back and I totally love them.

 This was an impromtu photo shoot with my baby bulldog (ok he is almost two... ) isn't he just so handsome! Look at those eyes! I could stare at his eyes all day! I love my bulldog.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

weekly weigh in 11

Weight loss this week: -1.6   YAY! I finally lost that 1.6 I gained!

Total weight loss: 0

Average: (11 weeks in) 0.

Exercise: I still haven't taken the elevator, and I have snuck a few one mile walks in. :)

Juicing: I juiced twice. That seems to be the average.  I am working on getting it up to 3-4 times a week.  

My pills: I did good again, I missed 2 days this week. but I still am happy with that.

update on my cycle: I got my period. That means no pregnancy for me. I really was hopeful this time, which is a little bit of a bummer, but I am fine. I accept that it didn't happen this time, and I know that it will eventually happen. I know the longer it takes us to get pregnant, we are really putting ourselves in a better financial position, which I know is great. I trust Heavenly Father, and knows when the best time is for my future family, but I am ready for that time. :)

Overall: I am super relieved that I lost that extra weight! It makes me happy! I was super busy editing the Easter mini sessions, so I haven't had a lot of time to think about weight loss or anything. but I am motivated going into next week with seeing the scale go down!  I am hoping I can stay strong and find my groove and watch myself shrink! :)