Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June goals

Bible goal- is to read Joshua and Judges all the way through

Exercise goal- to have 30 minutes (at least) 4 days a week.

Nutrition goal- 1400-1600 calories a day

water goal- continue to drink 64 ounces of water a day

house goal- to deep clean my house on a weekly basis, dusting, washing floors, bathrooms etc.

Monday, May 30, 2011

May goals results

here is where I originally posted my May goals, in case you are curious. Although I will be listing them below.. but if you want to double check feel free... maybe you should. :)

One of my goals for May was to read Numbers and Deuteronomy in the bible. Well I kind of finished. I will finish tomorrow. So I am counting it as a success. Just one day late. :) so bible reading: Check

Drinking 64 ounces of water a day was a success this month. I usually drank about 67 ounces a day. There was a few days where I didn't drink all of my water, but I can't expect perfection so drinking water:check!

now before you think I am perfect the rest of this isn't as pretty and I am sad to admit...

My nutrition goal was to stay between 1400-1600 calories a day. I thought in my head I would allow myself to have like 1 day a week where  I could go over... well that was pretty much every day... I didn't gain weight or anything, but I definitely didn't lose anything. I am completely bummed about it. I really want to lose weight but can't get a stupid handle on my eating. grrr. so this was FAIL.

Photography goal was to shoot 2 non porkchop and husband photosessions. I officially shot one engagement session. HOWEVER I have four sessions booked for June that happened in May. So... I count that as success! I am really happy about that! :)

Exercise goal was to work out 3 times a week and to run... well I started off good and have started walking 3 times a week, but during majority of May I will say that this was not a success. I have major room for improvement. I have felt really tired and unmotivated and I haven't been making myself workout. So that needs to get better.

My money goal was to spend $10 less and that was a success! I actually have spent $14 less! Yay me!

overall I did fairly well with my goals, unfortunately everything regarding weight loss was what I struggled with. I am going to continue working towards all these goals and I know I will get the hang of this as long as I keep at it.


Quotography at {My}Perspective

This is my first week linking up! I have wanted to do it since I saw it! But I just haven't had the time! It was a lot of fun! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hubby's birthday

So my husband cleaned out the garage about 2 weeks before his birthday and found his present. I was super bummed about it because I was really excited to see him open the present. Turns out he knew what it was anyway. Another bummer. But my husbands a smart man so it doesn't really come as a shock for me that he knew what his present was and that he found it. I wasn't about to pretend he never seen it on his birthday so instead I created a cheesy little scavenger hunt around the house for him! :) Each sticky note had a memory or a sweet little saying on it and leading him to the next place. At the end was a letter for 27 reasons I love him (he turned 27) Here are a couple pictures. It was a lot of fun and think this may continue on... we both really enjoyed it! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Favorite shot in May

Here is my favorite shot from May. I think. It was really hard for me to decide. :) 

check out other peoples favorite shots they took in May over at

Monday, May 23, 2011

Something I love

So this post started off with finding one picture for the happy Monday challenge here but quickly turned into scouring over pictures of my beloved furbaby. Even though I planned on writing a post about my loving husband who turned 27 today. Things change. Here is the timeline of my beloved Porkchop. I love him more than words (you too hubby) 

Something I love... photography and my puppy and my husband! 

Although this only meant to be one photo... 
This is a progression of porkchops 1st 11 months of life

Saturday, May 21, 2011


to check out more blue photos head on over to the paper mama!

The Paper Mama

Standing up

Lately I have been learning  a lot about myself and things I need to work on. Last night something really hit home to me, how important it is to stand up for your friends and family and especially your spouse. I just think that if someone whether it be a complete stranger or a very best friend of yours, if someone is mean or rude or makes nasty comments about a friend or your family/spouse you need to stick up for them and let that person know it is NOT okay to talk about or  talk to people that way! Sometimes people are just way too accepting of one another and get the lines mixed up. I am all for accepting people for who they are and everyone's differences but I will not tolerate someone calling a loved one of mine ugly, fat, stupid and all the other HORRIBLE names out there. Maybe I am wrong in not saying that we should ignore it and move on, but I just think that people should not be able to get away with demeaning other people! It is not ok. They should not think its ok. It just makes me sick. I hope that if/when the time comes that I have to stick up for my friends or family that I will do so, and that I will be able to make the person that was just insulted feel better and also put the bully in their place. Let's all be nice, stand up for each other and ourselves,without going overboard. Nobody has a right to call someone ugly, fat, stupid, whore, all those other names! Why do people think its ok? It makes me sad. I hope that these people who go around calling girls ugly and fat and stupid and whores... I hope they realize how stupid and mean it is. I..... ughh. .. I get so mad! I want to punch the man in the face that goes around degrading women. It is funny as I get older I really realize how far we have to go before women and men are equal in our society.

Did you know up until 1993 it was LEGAL to rape your wife in some states!?!?!?! 1993!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


All of our lives can get really busy at times, and we can all get caught up in the everyday busy-ness of life.

I think its important to...

Hold onto your loved ones

Have fun and enjoy one another

enjoy the beauty this world has

Make memories

And never forget to stop and smell the roses!

PS- This was an engagement session I took of a very lovely and beautiful couple! :)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hopes & dreams, squashed.

So I was reading a blog at a sort of fairy tale and she and her husband went on a hot air balloon ride, and I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to go on one, so I emailed my husband, feeling inspired. Here is how our conversation went...

ME: Can we save up some money and go on a hot air balloon ride?

HIM: I don't do heights very well, a hot air balloon ride might kill me.

There you have it... hopes & dreams squashed. Just like that.

:) hehe

surprise ruined.

here are a couple more from the engagement session I did with Chad & Liz! :)  Just wanted to share a couple more.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day out, so my husband decided he was going to clean out the garage, because last year I apparently mentioned something about how he should, and he didn't... or something, so this year he took the initiative... great.. because that is where I hid his birthday present! So I come home to a nice clean garage, patio furniture out, garage swept, crap moved out of the way. It looks great! But now my surprise is ruined... then he proceeds to tell me that he knew that the present I got him, was what I was going to get him, because I said i was going to Mall of America, which is where the sign was. This boy can never be defeated in knowing his presents. I feel really bad though, because i wanted him to be surprised and I wanted him to really like it. Instead, he found it on accident and kind of knew already. I think I might take him on a scavenger hunt for his birthday. Just for fun.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

finally home

This past week and weekend was so busy and flew by! I worked extra hours at work, had mothers day dinner one night, sister night another night, packed another night and Friday we were headed out of state  for my brothers high school graduation. It was super fun! But man oh man am I tired! I feel like when I travel I should take Mondays off too. I have so much laundry, house chores, and catching up to do! On a good note I did finish an E-session I did today!! :) The picture above is just one of my favorite shots! :) I had so much fun!

Sweet Shot Day

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

offended... or not

I listen to Joyce Meyers, and I really enjoy her teachings! I think they are great! Once in a while she will talk about how we should not be so easily offended. I couldn't agree with her more! Her message really hit home to me, because I can easily be offended, I know people all around me are easily offended. I really think that we need to get a hold on our emotions. Who care if someone just gave you the stink eye, it is their problem not yours. If someone doesn't think your funny, don't get offended, its their problem, not yours. Don't make it your problem. Joyce also talks about how we aren't here to please people, we are here to please God. I love that.
One day I made popcorn at work and I burnt the popcorn, as I sat there testing some of the kernels out seeing if I could still eat it  two girls in the hallway start talking about this "awful smell" and very snottily say "someone burnt the popcorn" and some other negative things, that normally I would be totally offended and embarrassed and turn beat red, and probably want to go back to my desk and hide for a month (there was several other remarks from other co workers as well) but I thought about it and decided "you know what, I didn't burn that darn popcorn on purpose, I wanted to eat it, why should I feel bad because they are talking bad about me, and my accidental popcorn burning, so as they walked into the breakroom I said " I know I am super bummed I was really looking forward to eating it!" and moved on with my day,  through out the day my mind  would start thinking about it and I would stop myself in its tracks and say, "it doesn't matter, oops" and then force myself to think about something else.  It sounds ridiculous that I could get offended over people talking about me burning the popcorn, but its true! I am insecure about it. I am one who was easily offended, I am working on it! I will not be offended.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Scavenger hunt Sunday

These are totally going to be out of order, but I am too lazy (isn't that ironic..) to rearrange these pictures! :)  I am sure you all understand. 

SOOC, my beautiful mom and her sweet pup (9 year old), isn't it ironic her name is sweetie? :) I will make that 2 for 1. 

Lazy, yet incredibly handsome and fit hubby, he likes to think of his laziness as exerting as little effort as possible, yet getting the job done. 

Lazy and incredibly handsome bulldog, My baby. 


Smells like spring! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our morning

Okay so this one was taken last night... it got stuck in with the others from this morning, and my hubby is so handsome I had to share! :) 

Do I not have the cutest boys?! They make me happy. I just want to squish and kiss them! 

This was taken through a whole in a wooden sign by the tot lot park near my house. I thought it was a neat perspective