Monday, April 29, 2013

My life lately in Instagram photos

I am totally loving life. I am blessed to be able to be home with my beautiful daughter every day. She brings me so much joy!

On a side note- I forgot to post Wednesday weigh in but I did lose 1.5 lbs! I'm hoping I didn't gain it all back this weekend! But we will see! :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday weigh in

Ok I am back at trying to lose weight! I have 17 pounds to lose before I get to my pre baby weight. The  other problem, is I want to lose 30 lbs on top of that! EEKS!

My goal is to count calories ( I am adding 300 calories for breastfeeding) and watch my carb and sugar intake! My belly is big!!

Not much to say this post, since I am starting fresh

It's Time

I haven't been that great of a blogger. I do the bare minimum and push it to the back of my mind. But throughout the day I have 1,000 things I want to blog about! Share with you! But it always gets pushed back. As a stay at home mom, I thought I could rule it all! I thought I would have my house clean 100% of the time! I thought I would be working out 7 days a week, making 3 warm amazing meals a day, walking my dog every day, be able to spend all my free time stress free with my husband, plus have unlimited time with my daughter. But the truth is it has been a struggle to juggle. My baby is fussy. I tell everyone "she knows what she wants, how she wants it and when she wants it and she lets us know!!" She eats every 2.5 hours for about 30 minutes at a time. That is a lot of time gone! I am barely keeping up with laundry... ok I am not keeping up I have 4 loads folded, just need putting away, plus some diapers that need to wash (I cloth diaper) I need to pump more to create more of a "stash" floors need mopping, shelves need dusting, carpets need vacuuming, and my daughter needs tending to. I am not complaining at all!! I love it with every piece of my heart and I am so grateful I am staying at home! And I strongly believe this is exactly where God wants us to be.

It is time to get my butt in gear!

I realize now that it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Sure if I didn't have a little one, I bet you I would totally rock everything!! But babies take more time than I imagined. My goal as a stay at home mom has always been to "live purposefully" with that I mean I don't want my days to wash away and not be productive, I want to make sure each day my family feels loved, I want to spend time with God each day, I want to accomplish something every day. I feel now that she is almost 15 weeks, she is gaining some independence and gives me about 10 minutes of "quick get things done" a few times a day. And I am learning how to get things done in those little moments she lets me. Where before I would walk around aimlessly thinking of everything I need to get done, and how she will wake before I can get it done, or run from room to room not really doing anything. I am finally figuring things out! :) And I know I am totally gonna rock at staying at home! Eventually.  I can't say I am great at it yet, my house is rarely clean, something is always on our floors, my hair is always a mess, and I only have one  baby!

I am learning to rock at it all though!! I have learned that my husband doesn't care that our house isn't 100% clean all the time (which I thought he cared most about, and was a huge insecurity of mine that he didn't think I was doing a good job) my husband cares about me taking care of our daughter and bulldog and having food for us. Having that revelation has really helped me prioritize every day. I am not perfect yet... today he left with no breakfast, and making his own lunch.  But I am becoming more consistent. I promise.

DISCLAIMER: This is just how I want to run things, I want to have lunch prepared for my husband, I want to have breakfast for him, I want him to come home to a warm dinner. I am not not saying every stay at home mom should run this way, it is just how I want to run things.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Adeline is 3 months old!

My dear sweet Adeline I can not believe I am typing your 3 month post already! It has flown by so fast, but at the same time you fit so well into our family, it is hard to imagine our life without you! I can't imagine not waking up to your beautiful face! The love that pours through me as I pick you up from your swing is undescribable! Yes you sleep in a swing. You love it. We are trying to transition you into the crib in your room, but you won't sleep in there any longer than 2 hours. So it is a slow process. :) But hopefully by 4 months you will be sleeping in your crib! :)

You are now nursing between 20-30 minutes at a time! You went from 15 minutes to longer! I am not sure if it is because my milk comes slowly, or what. But you are a slow eater! You eat between 6-8 times a day.

You are still quite fussy. We like to call you "particular" You know what you want, when you want it, and how you want and you let us know. You have been going through a really fussy period around 7 pm where nothing anyone does calms you, you eventually just settle down. It is very sad to see you upset. I wish I could keep you smiling and giggling ALL the time!!

You are talking, laughing and smiling LOTS now! I love it!! IT is so fun to listen to you tell your stories!! I could listen all day! (often times you will go straight from laughing and smiling to crying. It is pretty comical.. .ya know once you get past your loud scream! :) Oh yes.. you are LOUD! :) But it is part of what makes you who you are and I love it. You have such a strong personality!

You melt my heart when you see me and you smile.

I love nursing you, you are so precious when eating.

You are a kicker that is for sure!

You are pretty petite which is really shocking because my family is known for the big babies! I thought for sure you would be a quick grower! But here you are, 3 months old, and in 3 month clothing!

When I take my camera out to get you talking or smiling or laughing, you instantly stop. It cracks me up!

You sleep best when someone is holding you. You LOVE your snuggle time.

You now love being held facing outwards so you can view the world!

You also love your pacifier.

We tease about you being a marshmellow and love letting everyone do the work for you. :)

you are so precious and I love ever cell in your body. You bring such joy to our world these past 3 months! You have grown so much! I love watching you develop and see new things!

I am blessed to be able to watch you grow!

3 months old

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

It was a pretty laid back Easter. We ended up skipping church because I wouldn't have time to shower or get ready, and this mama is struggling with body image issues and I JUST wanted to feel nice. We are watching the service as a family once it is up though. Also my husband had a test for school he had to take. We went to my aunt and uncles and visited with the family. Then hubby was off to work (boo retail jobs) and mama and baby were headed home to clean the disastrous house!! Which I totally completed! Go me!!