Friday, October 10, 2014

Lately- and some exciting news!

First things first! We are so excited!!! 

Adeline was "stuck" so I had to take a picture before I rescued her. hehe.

I totally think this baby is going to be a boy, because so far (in my 12 weeks of pregnancy) I have been craving meals, feasts. I dream of thanksgiving and big hearty meals. Like this one, I made at 11 PM. With Adeline I craved sweets. With Adeline I also craved milk and pickles, NOT this pregnancy. 

I also joined a MOPS group at our church! We just had our first meeting, and I am really excited for this year! 

During my morning (all day) sickness days, we had snack in our bed, she is just too cute not to share this picture. 

She loves to play outside! I love how this picture captures her movements when walking/running. 

 You can't really tell, but she fell down our deck stairs and has a goose egg on her forehead. However, this photo captures her beauty so nicely. :)

Here is baby # 2!! They changed my due date to April 26th based on baby's measurements, fine by me.  I am planning on this baby being a May baby. Because I remember when I was 39 weeks with Adeline I would wake up heart broken I hadn't gone into labor while I was asleep, and I really don't want to do that to myself again. We don't have a nickname for this baby yet. Adeline was named "ice" because I thought it was funny, "ice berg" :) Nothing has stuck yet. 

Adeline is really serious about her bath time playing. :) Believe it or not, she really was having a blast!  

 I will be doing bumpdates! Maybe starting this week. ;) 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This morning I got to spend the morning with my husband (and daughter- obviously) running errands.. let me tell you, it was fabulous!

My morning started off a little stressful,  we were getting ready to leave the house I just got the "time crunch" stress.

As time went on we both just had more and more fun together! He has been working  a lot of hours, he is currently starting  transitioning into a new career and so he is working two jobs right now. Soon he will be working 70 hours a week. 7 days a week. 10 hours a day. I am a little sad, but I know it is temporary and it is a step in the right direction for our family.

 It may be a baby step, but it's a step!

Today we talked, we joked, we planned, we dreamed, we opened our hearts to one another. (swoon)


Our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up in August and we are going "up north" as us Minnesotans call it! :) It is a few hours north of where we live. I can't wait!  We will be staying in a little cottage for a few days. They have lots of daily activities and Adeline being 1.5 years will be able to enjoy it this year so much more than she did when she was 6 months old. :) I am so excited! Just to have a few days to get away, enjoy the lake, get away from the daily hustle and bustle is going to be awesome! I am not sure if they have internet, and I know they don't have cable. I hope to be able to read every night and just relax and enjoy our family being together! Porkchop, our english bulldog, will be joining us too! He sleeps about 18 hours a day, so he will be happy as a clam if we take him on two walks a day, and then some peace to sleep!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Look what I have!

I am so excited! I got 3 cucumbers from my garden today! AND I have tons of growing tomatoes! And I have 1 green pepper gowing!!! WOOOOHOO!! That is like a total success! Well much more successful than my previous attempts. :)

I am so excited! Maybe next year I will try having chickens!

Well... I may not be ready for that yet.

Look at that weird cucumber in the middle! It was on the ground growing, so maybe its like... SUPER INFUSED with nutrients... or something..

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My life story in 300 words

The story of my life in 300-ish words

I was born and raised in Shakopee, MN.  I have a sister that is 23 months older than me and two younger half brothers and a younger half sister. I graduated high school in 2004, went to a state college for a year, I decided not to go back since I had no idea what I wanted to major in so I went to a technical school and got my AAS degree. I met Jordan, my husband, in January 2008 at a mutual friends house, that July we officially started dating, December 2008 he proposed and August 2009 we were married! I decided to pursue my dream to become a photographer shortly after we were married, I started classes, getting a mentor, and practicing.  In November 2010 we started our adventure of having a baby! I wasn't pregnant getting pregnant, or even ovulating, I was concerned I might have PCOS, since I know a few people in my family who have it. I was right, I have PCOS, which was making me not ovulate. I started to juice, and eat unprocessed foods. Fast forward to May 2012, and I found out I was pregnant! It was so surreal! January 3rd 2013, after 23 hours of labor Adeline was born. It was the best and most amazing experience. I went back to work after 10 weeks and worked one day, and decided to be a work at home mom. I work part time for my church and also have my own photography business. I feel like my 20's have been a lot of learning, and getting my life started. I turn 29 in September, and I plan to enter my 30's a hot, energized, full of joy, and organized wife and mom! :)