Sunday, January 22, 2017

Family Day

Today was a great day. we woke up, went to church headed to Crave (restaurant) for brunch then headed inside the Eden Prairie mall (crave is at the mall) so the kids could ride the train, which turned into riding the train, riding some rides and riding these little electronic safari animals around the mall. The kids had a blast! Even if the photos don't show their smiles. Ha. Adeline is in a phase of hating the camera and not smiling when I am taking a picture. Luke had his serious face on, per the "uje" and it was also during his naptime.. so.. that explains some of their facial expressions. ;)

After the mall we headed home for nap time. We woke up played, made dinner and then we made popcorn and watched the new movie we just bought, The secret life of pets! To top it off Adeline helped dad prepare as he gave himself a shot.

Happy Sunday!

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