Monday, October 10, 2011

My wifely duties

My wifely duties could really use some clean up/work/tune up. However you want to say it, I need to up my game as a wife.  I need to be better at tending to my husband. He has been feeling not so good for the past month (roughly) his crohns (crohns disease)  seems to be acting up lately, and now all of a sudden he is having a hard time walking, and his joints are really sore and his ankle is swollen and bruised with no injury. I have done some research and it sounds to me like Rheumatoid arthritis. Which happens to go hand in hand with crohns. It is hard to watch your husband walk around like an 80 year old man (I tease) at first, it was fun to tease, and it was a little cute. However, it isn't cute anymore, and has become scary. I don't want to see him in any pain or uncomfortable. I have all of these plans that I want to do. I want to make menu's that we know what he can eat (gluten and dairy free) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we can always have those groceries on hand.  I want to research recipes that he will eat so he can bring them to lunch, and not have to refridgerate and heat up food, because he doesn't like that. I want to bake him snacks that he will eat so he can more frequently. I want to clean my house better and more often, I want to take care of myself for him more consistantly and better. I want to be his biggest supporter. I want to take the stress off of him as much as possible.

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I so struggle with balance. OK And a little laziness... I like to be a princess too..
 I typically am an all or nothing kind of gal... and a lot of things get pushed to nothing because only a few things get the "all". I really need to learn balance a LOT better, see I have all these great ideas, and only a few get implemented into my life, and then I change because i want to focus on other things, and then the cycle continues. I think I need to make a daily list and stick to that. And first up on that list is taking care of my husband and making sure his needs are being met, and he isn't stressed out and that he will be on the mend shortly.


  1. I think putting your husband's needs and comfort before anything else in your life is the best idea you have had yet!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your husband.. That has to be hard.. And that is such a loving gesture to want to take care of your man.. Not always as easy as it sounds.. So I wish you luck on sticking with your plan!!!


  3. My brother in law has crohns so i hear about it from my sister all the time. hang in there! you are doing a great job!

  4. I will be praying for you and your husband! Take care of him and also take care of yourself!

  5. Be sure to take care of yourself too so you are healthy to keep taking care of him! ;)