Wednesday, October 26, 2011


They just never go how you plan them!! 

Man,  it is nice being home! These past 5 or 6 days are a blur! I took a 4 day weekend starting on Thursday last week (from my full time job) to get caught up on editing, house work and plan out my diet and really dive into the diet. Well that didn't happen.

Thursday I got a fair amount done, but I spent some time dilly dallying and just enjoying my day off.  Friday I had a photo session, went to lunch, started some editing,  Friday is when my worrying increased about my husband. I knew he was sick for quite some time. I started asking questions, started getting more and more worried. But he had a doctors appointment on Monday so he would tell me " I will just finish out my work week and go to the doctor" well after talking to a couple people and telling them whats going on, and my concerns and how he was looking and acting they said that he should go to the emergency room. I totally agreed with what these people were saying, but at the same time, I could understand where my husband was coming from too.                                                            

On Friday night I just had a feeling  that it was no joke anymore. I was searching for the nurses line, calling his work, telling his co worker to keep a close eye on my hubby, to make sure he wasn't alone for anytime too long in case he passed out. and I just prayed that he would make it through the night  until we made it to the urgent care. They saw him in urgent care right away, they hooked him up to IV's pretty much immediately, they didn't have the capability of giving him the care he needed so they sent us to the emergency room. so we went to ER, he had a cat scan, and talked to different doctors and nurses. They decided he needed to go to the hospital.

 In the ER they did discover that he wouldn't need surgery or anything, that was a huge relief! (well that was before we knew we would be spending 5 days in the hospital. but i suppose I am still glad he didn't need surgery)
 Off to the hospital we went. He got a private room, which was nice. The first night was a rough one. He had 102.8 fever, he threw up, had coughing attacks and up and out of bed every 10 minutes ( I swear) Each day I saw improvement. 

Now that we are home I am just waiting for his energy level to come back up and for his wonderful personality to shine the way it used to. I say used to because he has been dealing with this since June. It started off as a cough, which I think was the first sign of inflammation, then went to his joints then into his digestive system. So I am so excited for him to get back to his 100% self! That we haven't been able to see in a long time! 

I will say this, I feel like going through this with him, and being able to be there for him the entire time really has connected us even more, and bonded us as a family even more. 


  1. Hope your husband is feeling better and has a full recovery!

  2. Gracious! So sorry to hear about this. May God bring healing!