Wednesday, February 27, 2013

100 things about me part 1

I just read Mandy's from a sorta fairytale's post of 100 thing part 3, and it inspired me to start this! I think it really helps to get to know people!

Ill be doing this in a 4 part series, just like her :)

1. I'm currently on my iPhone while my husband is sleeping next to me, our bulldog sleeping on top of his legs and a few feet beyond that our daughter sleeping in her swing.

2. I love making schedules but I have a hard time sticking to them.

3. I love sweat socks! I wear them with dress pants, and everyone makes fun of me.

4. I started working at my church, and I am totally loving it!

5. I never realized how hard it is to do things with a child. Wow!! Like housework.

6. I don't like the way any of my clothes fit me.

7. I can feel when I am dehydrated- and I get dehydrated if I don't drink at LEAST 40 ounces of water a day (before pregnancy and nursing.. Now I need more)

8. I cannot fully relax unless things around me are tidy.

9. I want to go skydiving

10. I got to pet a whale when I was 18 in New York. It was awesome! A bucket list item checked off!

11. I don't tan very easily. I alway burn first.

12. I'm a very understanding person.

13. I can't remember the last argument my husband and I got into or when it was.. It's been a while.

14. I love marriage classes and love learning about marriage- we've attended 3 in our 3.5 years of marriage.

15. I like to try and solve people's problems for them.

16. My insecurity in my appearance has never been so low.

17. I want new curtains in my dining room and living room.

18. It's been almost 8 weeks since I've had my daughter and I cannot remember what it's like to sleep through the night. Or go to work.

19. I love the show the first 48 on A&e.

20. I love documentaries and real life shows on drugs and gangs. I find it incredibly interesting.

21. I know someone who used to be a crack dealer... I would love to ask him what it was like... But I never can. That was made clear.

22. I knew I wanted to marry my husband after meeting him only 3 times.. I thought that was creepy... So I changed my thought to to "someone just like him, if not him.

23. I hoped our child would have his lips. And she does!!!!! And they are beautiful!!

24. Growing up I never thought I'd make it to adulthood. Yet here I am.

25. I am living my dream life. And it is because of my husband. The truth. I am.


  1. Great list...and super sweet shot!

  2. When I was reading your list #22 struck a cord with me. I knew after meeting my wife after the first date that we would be together the rest of ours lives. I later learned that she felt the same way! Hope you have a great week!