Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adeline is 1 month

Adeline was 1 month old on February 3rd! I cannot believe it has been a month already! I never could have dreamed how much joy she would bring to our lives. I love that she looks like me and my husband! She is such a BEAUTIFUL outcome of our love for one another. She is so precious. I could gush over her forever. :)

When I am awake I can handle about an hour of not holding her. Then I start getting antsy and lose focus and need to hold my baby girl. 

Breastfeeding is going great!! I use the nipple shield, and have learned to LOVE LOVE LOVE it! No pain, nothing, but awesomeness with breastfeeding! I pump about once a day, and I am slowly building a supply (some weeks I didn't pump at all) 

We have had one "awful" night where I cried, she cried, and we were both just frustrated. But other than that she naps until about 11 pm and is awake from 11 pm until 1:30 AM. And from 11pm-1:30 AM you have to hold her, and pat her and pay attention to her, and hold her the way she wants or she will let you know! :)  This week she has been sleeping until 4 or 5 am! and then awake until about 5:30 eating, and then back down until about 7 or 8 AM! She is out cold for around 3 or 4 hours starting at 9 or 9:30 AM. I used to go back to sleep during this time, but now that she is giving me a little more solid sleep time at night, today I stayed up at 7:45 and I got so much done! I feel great! Now we are spending the afternoon snuggling. 

ADELINE LOVES TO SNUGGLE!!!! She loves being held and snuggled. It is so sweet! 

Cloth diapering is going great! I definitely don't feel like a pro, but we are developing a great routine that works for us! 

This past week Adeline has been spitting up more. Not sure why..

ADELINE SMILED AT ME PURPOSEFULLY 4 TIMES SINCE SHE HAS BEEN 4 WEEKS OLD!!!!! It was so beautiful!!! It just melts my heart!! 

She is a tall baby! she is out of almost all newborn things! I can squeeze some stretch pants and onesies on her still! But it mainly is because she is so tall that they don't fit! 

I can't get enough of your feet! They are your fathers, and oh so adorable on you! 

When you are awake you are awake for about 2 hours at a time. 

You love staring at lights. 

When grandpa sticks his tongue out at you, you copy him and do it back- HOW ADORABLE!! 

You have been to church twice now (3.5 weeks old and 4.5 weeks old) you slept through the entire thing both times! :) 

You were quite the pooper at first!! Now you have slowed down a bit! And mamma is thankful to open your diaper and not see poop every time! :) It is a welcomed break! You still go about 4 times a day, but much better than 8-10 time a day


  1. So beautiful! Happy unbirthday, little sweetie!

    We've hit two months now (as of 2-6) and cannot believe how amazingly perfect the fit is with our little.

    Do you even remember life without your little gem?

  2. Happy 1 month Adeline!! It has been so much fun watching you grow the past month & I can't wait to watch you continue to grow!!