Friday, April 5, 2013

Adeline is 3 months old!

My dear sweet Adeline I can not believe I am typing your 3 month post already! It has flown by so fast, but at the same time you fit so well into our family, it is hard to imagine our life without you! I can't imagine not waking up to your beautiful face! The love that pours through me as I pick you up from your swing is undescribable! Yes you sleep in a swing. You love it. We are trying to transition you into the crib in your room, but you won't sleep in there any longer than 2 hours. So it is a slow process. :) But hopefully by 4 months you will be sleeping in your crib! :)

You are now nursing between 20-30 minutes at a time! You went from 15 minutes to longer! I am not sure if it is because my milk comes slowly, or what. But you are a slow eater! You eat between 6-8 times a day.

You are still quite fussy. We like to call you "particular" You know what you want, when you want it, and how you want and you let us know. You have been going through a really fussy period around 7 pm where nothing anyone does calms you, you eventually just settle down. It is very sad to see you upset. I wish I could keep you smiling and giggling ALL the time!!

You are talking, laughing and smiling LOTS now! I love it!! IT is so fun to listen to you tell your stories!! I could listen all day! (often times you will go straight from laughing and smiling to crying. It is pretty comical.. .ya know once you get past your loud scream! :) Oh yes.. you are LOUD! :) But it is part of what makes you who you are and I love it. You have such a strong personality!

You melt my heart when you see me and you smile.

I love nursing you, you are so precious when eating.

You are a kicker that is for sure!

You are pretty petite which is really shocking because my family is known for the big babies! I thought for sure you would be a quick grower! But here you are, 3 months old, and in 3 month clothing!

When I take my camera out to get you talking or smiling or laughing, you instantly stop. It cracks me up!

You sleep best when someone is holding you. You LOVE your snuggle time.

You now love being held facing outwards so you can view the world!

You also love your pacifier.

We tease about you being a marshmellow and love letting everyone do the work for you. :)

you are so precious and I love ever cell in your body. You bring such joy to our world these past 3 months! You have grown so much! I love watching you develop and see new things!

I am blessed to be able to watch you grow!

3 months old


  1. Happy 3 Months Adeline! It's so much fun to watch her grow :)

  2. Three months already! Wow! Time is just racing by isn't it. Hope you had a great Easter and I look forward to seeing the pictures at six months!

  3. So precious!! Love the rocking chair! You're a great mom!!!

  4. So precious!! Love the rocking chair! You're a great mom!!!