Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adeline is 4 months old!

I cannot believe my sweet pea is 4 months old already!!

 She scoots around on her back (she pushes her heals down and scoots) and she gets pretty far. She can scoot across the whole room- no steering though.

She is talking up a storm! She has found her screaming voice, she isn't crying, just talking really loudly. We call her a pterodactyl.

 She is such a joy!  My whole body emits happiness when I look at her. When I pick her up from her naps or in the middle of the night, I just want to squeeze her to pieces because I love her so much.

Her laugh and smile is infectious and melts my heart every day.

Right now she is a mommy's girl big time. Often she will smile and laugh at/with people from the comfort of my lap, but if people (daddy included) try and pick her up she doesn't really like it.

she loves her daddy so much! We both think she is going to be a HUGE daddy's girl when she grows out of this "only on mommy's lap" thing. She lights up every time he walks into the room.

I have had some breastfeeding supply issues- I just learned it was because I went on the mini pill!! For some reason it had decreased my supply. So now we are working on building it up. I nurse and pump. There was 1.5 days that I didn't nurse, just pumped, and I missed it terribly.

  I was just looking back at the post about my fears about breastfeeding, I was worried I would hate breastfeeding, so glad that isn't the case!

She is a drooling machine!

Her hair on the sides pretty much fell out and just have regrowth. :) it is adorable! I think she had more hair at birth than she does now, but the top is growing like a weed! :)

I love her feet! I could stare at them all day! Well actually I could just stare at her all day. I have first time mom syndrome bad. :) I think every movement, expression, eye brow wiggle, etc is the cutest thing ever!

She has started sucking on her fingers and it cracks me up.

She is pretty close to rolling over, from back to stomach, but hasn't done it yet.  Same with sitting up, she is getting there, but not yet. She loves to kick and play with her feet, if you lay her on her back, her feet go up!

I started a journal to her.  I hope to have her grandma's write in it, and daddy and auntie. I hope it will be something she will treasure forever and can be passed down forever! :)

Addie & her cousin Bryn- 5.5 weeks apart

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  1. Happy 4 months sweet Adeline! She sure does look like her daddy :)