Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adeline 5 months old June 3rd

( i am super late on this post! Lots of things have kept me busy! I will update you all soon! )

My dear sweet Adeline is 5 months old! And on her 5 month birthday she rolled belly to back twice!! Go Adeline! She sits on her own very well for about a minute before she folds in half or topples to one side. 

She still wakes up to nurse 2 times a night and I  am up a few more times putting the pacifier in her mouth. 

Her hair on her side is filling in nicely! Yay!  

I am still nursing and pumping. I don't have an ounce extra of breast milk (I'm even taking the max dosage of fenugreek) but I'm not short anymore! Yay! 

You had your 4 month doctor appointment at 5 months and your pediatrician said you are doing fabulous! He told me you are ready for solids.. But we are still waiting. You are 68% for height and 53% for weight and 35% for head! :) 

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