Thursday, August 1, 2013

Adeline 6 month post (July 3rd)

Well you didn't expect me to be on time with this post, did you?! :) I did however take her pictures on time! She turned 6 months on July 3rd! WHICH THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN ON TIME!! :)

I can't believe Adeline is 6 months old!! It makes me so happy and sad! All in the same breath! I feel like time is going by way to fast! I know every parent says that.. but I really mean it!

 Drool- she is a drooling queen! I cannot believe how much my child drools! I mean I don't understand where it all comes from!

Her sleep has greatly improved! She wakes up anywhere from 0-3 times a night! Its funny how quickly I forget what those sleepless nights were like! I feed her once during the night if she wakes up, if she wakes up more she only gets snuggles and pacifier. I still swaddle her, she gets out of if she wants too, but most nights it really helps her to fall asleep.

She is a happy smiley baby. She loves to be tickled, and often times she smiles and laughs at you, even if you aren't even looking at her ( she is unaware the world doesn't revolve around her).

We started baby food and she loves sweat peas, carrots, and mangos, prunes and squash are runner ups. And she HATES peaches and bananas! She literally screams and cries when I try and give her those things! She really picked up eating really quickly! It is what made her sleep through the night! I had never had her sleep through the night until she started baby food! So I love it!

Breastfeeding is still going great. I pump during the day and nurse at night (if it isn't the middle of the night, I nurse and then pump) I don't have an oversupply at all- I wish I did! But I make just the right amount! However my supply dips super easily! If I am stressed out my supply takes a hit, and I will have to supplement her with formula- usually about 4 ounces once.

- car rides
-her mama
-baby wipes- they are the best toy
-Porkchop (her brother)
-when daddy tickles her
-her pacifier

**please don't steal these photos. I took these, copyright is mine, and this is my child. :)


  1. Beautiful pictures! And baby!! I would recommend putting some sort or "watermark" across the photos, making it harder for them to steal. Even just the blogs address would work. I do that, and I'm not a photographer. :)

    1. I do that too- I was just too lazy to for these :) ( that is my watermark on the one with her tush) :)

  2. The 1st year just goes by way too quickly! She just keeps getting cuter :)