Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Giving up Sugar.

I am giving up sugar. It starts tomorrow! AAAAHHH. I am going to keep my coffee, because you don't want to mess with my coffee! But here is my plan so far:

eggs, bacon, coffee,
egg, potato, green pepper, red pepper,onion casserole.


(INSERT GASP) No breakfast. I know they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for me it is easier for me to skip breakfast and push out eating until lunch, I have more will power and motivation in the morning. It works for me.. but I know it doesn't for a lot of people.

salad- I am planning on lots of salads, making them REALLY well and elaborate- that is key to me.
chicken & green beans

Steak & Veggie
Chicken & veggie
Taco salad

I am hoping to add on and expand my meal plans as time goes on, but I think this meal plan will get me through the first week.

WISH ME LUCK! I will keep yo updated.. Hopefully it will all be fabulous updates!! :) And I REALLY hope I can stick with it! I can do it... I can do it... I can do it... I WILL do it!

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