Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Public Speaking & Excellent Language Skills.

Public speaking & excellent language skills are talents I wish I had. I am a horrible speaker, publicly AND one on one. I mumble, talk soft, and I can never think of the correct words to use. I forget simple words like "that" or if I am thinking of something specific you can count on me NOT remembering what it is called. You can count on me forgetting the punch line to jokes, or ONLY remembering the punch line. I fidget, fumble and say stupid things. I rush and ramble. I am a mess when it comes to language.

One time at church we were trying to come up with an acronym for some values and I came up with PECKR.... yep.. before I could even think it, it came out of my mouth. Needless to say the discussion was closed and never brought up again after that. Um, embarrassing.

I couldn't think of the word "door" when telling a friend about our door. So I said "the swing-y thing that you walk in and out of" Then as my husband laughed at me (please laugh at me, it is a funny "quirk" about me, I encourage you to laugh and not think too deeply on my lack of talent with speech) I proceeded to say "well, its a good thing you didn't marry me for my goodness with words." OYE.

Oh yes, I am quite elegant with my words.

Part of me would love to get up and teach lessons to adults, bible lessons, photography lessons, etc. However, could you imagine? They would probably leave more confused then when they arrived. Haha!

I contemplate taking a college course on public speaking, or something similar. Now isn't the right time in my life, but it is definitely on my bucket list.

Please excuse the crappy quality of this hilarious picture of my daughter. 

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