Saturday, August 20, 2011

I heart nanimals

I have been so busy lately, or at least I feel that way, if you remember this post I have just been such a scatter brain! I feel like things are starting to finally calm down and I am slowly but surely chipping away at that darn to do list (all the while adding more to it) Last Monday I went to the zoo with the small town mom. I had such a good time. Her little baby (well ok.. toddler) was so adorable to watch, and just chit chatting and having girl time was just so awesome. I love those 2 girls so much! Here are some a lot of the pictures. I love nanimals. They are so cute! 


  1. Awesome pictures! We had so much fun!!

  2. Wow! Best zoo pictures ever! That water the camels are in looks nasty- and I have never seen a camel in water like that!