Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Life has been busy for me lately and I am really enjoying it!  I am starting to feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as my to do list! Woohoo! I scrubbed my floors tonight! That is a huge feat!   Tonight, I ran out of excuses, or I decided I had to run or clean the floors and I opted for cleaning floors. :)

Last Sunday I ran my very first 5k (well if you don't count warrior dash, but that was insane, I feel like it wasn't even a real 5k, it was just 3 miles of craziness) I am so happy with how I did! My time was about 37 minutes! It isn't the best in running in fact I placed overall 109 out of 150. But I don't care. I beat my time by over 3 minutes, and that is what I am proud of! I ran the last .2 miles as hard as I could! I thought I was gonna throw up as I reached the finish line, that is what I am proud of. My husband and I waking up and doing active things together, that is what I am proud of! I loved every minute of it! I felt great!

Monday was our 2 year anniversary. We decided we would keep it low key, we went out to breakfast at the original pancake house, got home, took Porky for a walk, I scouted out some locations for some photo shoots, we hung out, went to dinner and rented 2 movies. It was really nice low key day that  I wanted. :)


  1. Beautiful photos...just beautiful.

  2. The first photo of the wheat is just lovely - the light is wonderful. Congrats on the 5km run, you've definitely come a long way in your running since you started 6 months ago. (or is it more than that already?)