Tuesday, November 22, 2011

getting caught up!

I am so excited! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! My to do list has stopped growing a mile a day! This makes me happy! I am continuously reading the bible every day! I have been finishing editing my photo sessions on time! I feel great! I am able to blog more! I have been getting on the treadmill more often! Now none of these am I able to do for as long as I would like, but I am making HUGE strides in my daily activities I want to accomplish! I feel great that I am still making my vegetable juice in the morning, the consistancy of me making it went down a little, but I am back on track, and I feel great about it!!

 I just got word that my sister ovulated this month!! That is HUGE for me and my sister who are infertile turtles!!! She is taking a fertility drug, but her doctor didn't think it would work, and I believe its weaker than clomid?? ( I could totally be off? Its call femera) but either way! She got a natural cycle and that is all either one of us could ask for! Is a CHANCE to getting pregnant! And it just so happens last month I think I may have ovulated too!!! I didn't get pregnant, but I did get a natural period, (sorry if its TMI) and that hasn't happened in a year!! My hope is that this wasn't a fluke (sometimes people who don't get there cycles can randomly get a cycle and not ovulate, or ovulate and get a cycle, but could still only happen once a year) and it coincides with my diet change and the same thing will happen this month!  I hope! Today is an awesome day to get the great news about my sister getting her natural cycle!

Today my goals are:
94 ounces of water (3 of my water bottles)
get at least 10 minutes of exercise in
clean my juice machine and get ready for it to make juice tomorrow
make a banana, strawberry, blueberry spinach smoothie
read the bible
watch biggest loser :)


  1. That is amazing news about your sister and great news that you both had a natural AF this month!! I am continuing to pray for you both :)

  2. Good for you, girl! Very inspiring, Tara!