Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vikings home opener!

Sunday I went the vikings game (MN's NFL football team) with some family and it was awesome! It was my first experierence going to a football game! We got breakfast at a bar before the game and then walked to the "dome"

 It was home opener and they won in overtime! it was intense! And a great experience!

During the game my baby girl was kicking and dancing and going crazy! She has never been to such a loud place, in her little developing life! I think she liked it. :)

It is just so fun to feel her all the time now! And when she isn't in breech position I love watching her kicks outside of my belly! Unfortunately, she loves being head up so her kicks are super low, so I can't see them underneath my bump! I am hoping soon she will move to the head down position and stay that way, so I can watch her all day long! :)

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