Wednesday, October 31, 2012


For those of you that don't know- "word" is pretty much my word for saying "hello, how is it going" :) 

Some of you may have noticed that for a while I kind of dropped off the blogosphere and quit visiting your blogs and quit blogging. Life got a bit crazy between pregnancy, my day job, my photography job, redoing our kitchen and what little time was left, I slept and tried to have my house not turn into a pig sty.

I am back!  I am finding more time again! Yay! I missed all the blogs and my connections with everyone! I can't wait to "catch up" on your lives!

I will be posting my 30 week bumpdate soon. But everything is going well. I am loving this stage of pregnancy, my big ol' belly, her moving all the time, and knowing it no longer is a question of "is she pregnant???" Now I get "must be getting close!"

I am really surprisingly comfortable this stage of the game. Of course I have hip and back pain, and every time I stand up I have to pee, and there are days I swell. But honestly, it really isn't all that bad. I am used to the hip and back pain, and making frequent trips to the bathroom doesn't bother me. I did have several days where I was really wallowing in how uncomfortable I was, and kind of just huffing and puffing to myself, but I woke up in the middle of the night, and kind of had a chat with myself. Pretty much consisted of "you can make the best of this, or you can be miserable. You have a choice. You wanted this, you wanted this feeling so bad, so soak it up and enjoy it." and I have been able to do just that!! Which I feel very blessed that I have been able to do that. Anytime I am in a lot of discomfort, I relax my body, and take some breaths and it seems to get better.

Am I weird? LOL. Well its ok if i am. because it is working for me and I am just so glad that I am able to enjoy my pregnancy thus far! I am aiming to enjoy my pregnancy up until the baby is born! ( a girl can dream!)

So far the 3rd trimester is my favorite. (so far, might be key) But I love my big belly, I love feeling her move almost all the time, I can feel her flip around, I can feel her move her body parts from one side of my stomach to another. I feel her get the hiccups. I feel her stretch, I feel her what feels like throwing a dance  party (literally my hole stomach is bouncing ALL OVER THE PLACE!!)

That is the jist of my life right now! I will be taking personal pictures again! I will aslo be sharing some of my work, but if you want to see my work go to and i Just started getting my photography blog (the professional blog) started. (

I am off to catch up on some more blogs i have missed now! :)

Here is a picture I love. My husband with his hand on my belly. I love my husband so much and I really am loving life with him and the journey we are about to take together.

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  1. I miss seeing your photos & sessions! I haven't been on FB much lately so I'm not sure if your posting anything there, but I'm excited to see more posts from you :)