Saturday, December 7, 2013

To decorate.. or not.. That is the question

It is my daughters first Christmas and I am so not in the mood to decorate or prepare for Christmas- is that bad?!  I just am not feelin' it right now.  I couldn't wait to decorate for halloween, which is usually a holiday I could care less about. I desperately WANT to WANT to decorate!

I haven't bought or made a single present. I scour pinterest and am bored at all the Christmas things going on. What is wrong with me?!

This is my daughter's first Christmas! I should have EVERYTHING decorated in my house, lights galore, presents galore! homemade gifts!  Money is tight this year... maybe that is dampening my inner decorating goddess?  I don't know.. what's my deal!  I keep hoping that my inner decorating goddess will awaken and say "lets DECORATE!!" while throwing glitter everywhere.

 so far... no go.. BUT I did manage to get THE CUTEST picture of Adeline in front of the Christmas tree! (my moms Christmas tree...)


  1. Hello! Your daughter is so cute, looks like she's saying so big! No worries, I still have the fall decorations up. It's still early in December, right?

  2. That is the best picture ever. I am a firm believer of doing whatever Christmas things make you happiest. So even if it's buying a small tiny tree to put presents under. I think Christmas can be overwhelming and you should only do things you love.