Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 in Review

I won't post ALL of my 2013 review, because I HAD A BABY! Every day there is a new and amazing thing going on in this household!  Here we go!!

- had a baby
-my sister had a baby 5.5 weeks after I had Adeline
- learning to be a housewife
-starting a new job at the church, learning and adjusting and finding my groove with it all.  I honestly feel like I am JUST- like this week- finding my stride and groove and starting to excel at my position with my church. I have never been happy with myself and my church work, I just knew I could do better with upkeep in the computer, and really putting my all into it.
-watching my niece part time
-watching my niece unexpectedly went to FULL TIME!!
- NOT watching my niece at all ( my sister opened her own daycare!)
- adjusting to being a mother and balancing it all
- I had roughly 60 photography sessions in 2013, that is awesome! Considering I didn't take any clients for a few months with having Adeline!

2013 was amazing. I became a mother! My niece was born! So many amazing things! This year has truly been a blessing! However it was a hard year for me... SO MUCH ADJUSTING.  I have not been the wife I envisioned I would be, or the domestic goddess I thought  I could be. I have been struggling to stay on top of laundry, and keep the floors mopped and swept. I struggle to provide a hot meal when it is needed to all of my family members (daughter, husband, dog, me) I have really just started feeling more on top of things and like I may be able to conquer the world soon! ( I am guessing when I get to that level another baby will happen and make me start all over again! haha)

here are my goals I made in the beginning for 2013

"(so these are probably a given, but I want to write them down)
- be the best Christian I can be
- be the best wife I can be
- be the best mother I can be

- learn to have more patience
-be better at household things
-save our family as much money as possible by doing things myself,learning things, such as gardening, making our own laundry soap, breastfeeding, etc.
-grow my photography business by double. 
-lose 60 lbs "

Honestly I read these.. .and laughed a little bit. I know exactly what I was thinking and expecting of myself... and I can tell you I was definitely expecting too much! But Something I have learned this year is to learn to not be so hard on myself. 

 here is my evaluation of my goals 

patience: I do believe i have made great strides in my patience! 

Household things: I have gotten better at them! But the challenge has been upped with adding a child, so you can't really tell I have improved! :)

Save money gardening, laundry soap, breastfeeding, etc: The saving money I have done pretty well at! 

Growing my photography business: I am actually really happy with my 2013 business! It has been great! 

lose 60 lbs (this is where I laughed): UMM DIDN'T HAPPEN!! AT ALL! haha! This doesn't surprise me. well it does a little because I THOUGHT FOR SURE I would be AT LEAST at pre baby weight.. but I guess losing weight is harder than I thought. :) 

I am no where near where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be - Joyce Meyer.


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  1. Hang in there, it's hard learning to do all the house stuff, there is stuff that just doesn't get done, whatever. As long as everyone is alive and healthy, I think that is a huge accomplishment. Anything else is gravy. Merry Christmas!