Friday, February 7, 2014

I cannot be perfect.

Adeline snuggling on me when she was sick.

I was on a great streak of counting calories, and I was seeing a difference on my scale and feeling great. Then some of my family came to town (dun dun dun). They fed us like king and queens, and out went my calorie counting, I kept telling myself I will get back to it on Sunday. Then Adeline and I got the flu, at the same time. Then it was "recovering" then I was just out of practice... and here I am 2 weeks later, just starting, but with a new outlook on it. You see I have this problem... I like to make HUGE goals which aren't realistic but I think they are realistic because in my head I can do everything and be perfect.

I am slowly learning, this is not true. I can't do it all. I cannot be perfect.

So I came up with smaller goals.

This week. I am eating 1800 calories and walking 1 mile  a day.

That is it. That is all my goals are. I am not focusing on anything else. I hope this works.

Everyone always tells me to make smaller goals... and since my BIG goals are not getting me anywhere.. I suppose it is time to listen and try their way.

So here I am... I haven't gotten on the scale yet, and it was only day 2 of my small goals. But I feel hope, I feel excited about smaller goals, I feel like it is doable, and maintainable.

I feel like my body will adjust to eating 1800 calories and then I can lower it to 1600 calories and not shock my body so much. I think this will be easier mentally and physically. SO MAYBE JUST MAYBE I can stick to it and get my skinny self.

This was Adeline playing today. She is turning into such a little girl, and it melts my heart! Watching her drawn to purses and necklaces, and then standing on her feet.. I mean seriously. I die. So cute.  Time please slow down. 

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