Friday, December 26, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Jordan was  on his final day of having the flu on Thanksgiving (influenza A) so he pretty much just laid around for Thanksgiving. But he did join in on the fun! And I was thankful for him being there with us! We went to his moms house where we had delicious food and Adeline got to drink from her big girl Frozen cup, nap with daddy and jump on Grandma's furniture. We then went to my parents house, where Adeline got to play with her cousin Bryn and her Mimi and Papa and eat delicious food! 

It was a great day with family! I love the holidays. The buzz of going around family to family, delicious food, memories, laughs, memories being made... I just LOVE the warm fuzzies this time of year brings me! Plus I had been craving Thanksgiving food for like a month, so for me, it was like a dream come true! 

Oh I also made this amazing Sweet potato casserole! It was my sisters favorite dish ever! Win for me! Here is the recipe I followed:
I added marshmallows on the top and a little more butter as well. 

Daddy & Adeline napping on grandma's bed

Climbing, like always :) 

Adeline and her cousin Bryn (5 weeks apart) playing together

so proud, drinking from her big girl cup

jumping into grandma's lap

Adeline and her Mimi. Adeline is "talking" on the phone.

My big girl!

Mimi and her grandbabies! 

My niece Bryn with her baby and her bag. She loves her babies.

Cousin hug

My happy girl

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