Saturday, June 18, 2011

selfie/ example of parenthood

So... As I said here. I want to start taking more self portraits and try and gain some self confidence back. I really want to set up a scene and work with the self timer, but well I have been too lazy with that. I did however work with some natural light out of my patio door at 4 pm as we were heading out to a wedding. I figured it was a start! :) 

Speaking of the wedding, we went to celebrate some good friends of ours wedding! It was great! They actually got married in Hawaii just the two of them in December and now had the reception. It was beautiful! We ran into one of my husbands friends and her boyfriend in high school, we both really enjoyed chatting with them, unfortunately my hubby works overnights and so we had to leave a couple hours in so he could go to work.  So here I sit, 9 pm on a saturday night, me and my Porkchop in our PJ's lounging around. :) I did get to drink a couple glasses of wine while I was there, that was really nice! 

I am also linking up with the paper mama's photo challenge "examples of parenthood" well some of you know from a couple blog posts such as this one that I want to be a parent to a baby/child/human, not just my english bulldog. So this is my example of parenthood... me waiting, wanting praying, hoping, trying, to become an example of parenthood. 

and okay here is my example of dog parenthood, which don't get me wrong, I totally love! And PS- someone once thought I was licking him... I have my lips pursed like a kiss and talking at the same time... no tongue licking my dog.. I am crazy.. but not that crazy! :) 

The Paper Mama


  1. I love these pictures!! You look amazing in them!

  2. Great pics! Best of luck on your journey into parenthood! In the mean time love your little pooch!

  3. You are absolutely stunning! Beautiful selfies!

  4. Our parenthood pictures are a lot alike. Your pup is so cute! We are trying very unsuccessfully for a human baby, but our puppy is all we have for now. :(

    Love your pictures.

    Marla @

  5. These are so great, I love the 2nd capture, you look beautiful!

  6. Your pup is so cute! I love English bulldogs!

  7. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! The second photo is GOLDEN!