Tuesday, September 20, 2011

me and my thoughts...

I have some really great pictures that I am going to share with you... tomorrow. ;) Can't wait to show you!

So who watches biggest loser? I do! I love that show. That show is so inspiring to me, I love watching their dedication and break down their mental barriers in working out.See I have a problem when I work out, and it is myself. It isn't my body that says I need to stop, it is me. I get sick of being out of breath, which from talking to several other people is from my exercise induced asthma, from talking to others that have that problem the common denominator is asthma and the people that didn't have asthma their legs got tired. But either way, it is a mental barrier I need to break. With my infertility issues I really want to exercise a lot, there are studies that show exercise releases hormones that could help me get a baby in my belly! and also I want to watch my carbs which also some studies show that can increase my chances of getting a baby in my belly. :) So you are probably asking yourself WHAT AM I WAITING FOR? That is a good question, I ask myself every day.. I want to lose weight, I want to have a baby, i want to be healthy, I want to feel good about myself. So why is this such a struggle?! I don't know. Every day I make "exceptions" on my sugar and carbs and not working out. UGH.

So now that biggest loser started I really want to start a diet and start working out. I have a great friend Tara that showed me some awesome links to make my perfect planner that i have been looking for and I think I need to sit down and make it! And make it happen. I have been saying that changes need to happen, and I need to buckle down and do it, and plan how to make it all balance. Winter is coming so I know my photo sessions will slow down quite a bit, which will give me more time to spend more time with God and focus on getting myself where I want to be.

So can I do it? I want to. I need to. I am in charge of my life. So I need to make it the way I want to. Sometimes I think that I want to do too much and don't allow enough time for it all.. which has always been me and my problem, but I always can fit it in, but then I crash eventually and don't continue with any of it.

well thanks for listening to me.

sorry for no new pictures... I will get better at that too... just add it to my list!  :)

here are some older ones that you might have forgotten about.


  1. Your dog is like the sweetest thing ever! haha! He is just so snuggly and cute, love that first picture!
    In our sea of love

  2. Love these photos. Especially the doggy photos and the tutu photo. <3

  3. Love that you used that picture of Lily again! That really is a great photo of my little girls' piggies, diaper bum, and hands! <3

  4. I'm in love with your dog! Can I please steal him for even just a day?