Thursday, September 8, 2011


I was reading the blog  365 days with Linda and at the bottom of the post was this picture. It really captivated me. The first 2 sentences HAD ME. The rest was icing on the cake. I could read it over and over and over.
  I love taking pictures. I love creating the shot, I love capturing the beauty, the emotion, the moment.   When I prepare for a photoshoot my mind is racing with all of these beautiful scenes, how its going to go, what I am going to do. I talk a mile a minute and it is all jumbled. I love it. That is what I see when I read those first two  sentences. PHOTOGRAPHY.

 It is so scary for me to put myself out there. Because I think what if people stop wanting me as a photographer, what if my clientel never grows. What if I fail and people watch me fail. What if people laugh at me and think I am not talented. What if people talk behind my backs and think look/am ridiculous taking pictures, what if people think  I am a freak. What if they role their eyes at me when I am not looking.

BUT what if my passion becomes my job. What if I make it and become a successful photographer and actually make a living out of it. What if I become so successful that I have photographers from around the world, that I teach. What if I am so successful I book years in advance! That is worth it. Putting your passion out there is so scary. Sometimes beyond frightening (ask my husband, sister and best friend, I am constantly seeking approval from them) But the thought of having my wildest dreams come true... makes my stomach flutter, and floats me up on cloud 9.


  1. I feel ya on this! Some days I kind of just want to back down and say, maybe I'm not really cut out to be a photographer. But I get so excited before, during, and after shoots I realize it really is what I love to do. And I'm going to ride it out and see where it takes me. There's no harm in long as you continue to love what you do!

    And congrats for winning favorite August photo!