Friday, December 16, 2011


Uhhh only 15 days left of 2011!! Wow!! That went by too quick. Although I think I am ready to be done with this year.

2011 was filled with trials and some awesomeness. 2011 was when I was diagnosed as an infertile turtle (due to PCOS) that has been a roller coaster in itself. My husband struggled with his Crohns disease for half of the year. Those were the 2 biggest trials. But the awesomeness of 2011 was my TGB photography business! I really have enjoyed starting it, growing, and learning!

I seemed to let 2011 swim right on by me as I delt with my health issues and my husbands. It seems like the first half of the year was my health issues and me trying to cope with being infertile and then the second half of the year was focused on my husbands health issues. Even though they seemed to be health issues, I haven't managed to lose any weight. ugh. I am really sad about that, I know I want to lose weight and I have been the same weight since I got engaged (with up and down in between) i have become a more self confident woman since I got engaged and have learned to accept my body, and be proud of who I am. But that doesn't change the fact that I want to lose weight, and I SHOULD lose weight! It isn't just an apperance thing, it is mainly about how I feel about myself. But I also SHOULD lose weight and that is also a healthy factor. I know that the more weight I lose the more my changes of getting pregnant go up by a couple percentages.

In 2011 I also discovered the hallelujah diet. I really like it. I haven't fully implemented it (or even close) but I have started juicing and being more aware of the processed foods, and that is a huge step. My goal to finish out 2011 is to juice EVERY DAY!! :) I really want to finish this year out strong, since i have been not doing the greatest in that area lately. Another awesome of 2011 is since I started juicing I have had 2 regular woman cycles! I don't know if I am ovulating or not, but 2 natural cycles!!! That hasn't happened in a LONG LONG TIME!!

 These pictures were taken sometime in 2011, they aren't my best of or anything, just a quick random selection (I didn't even look to see which ones they were)


  1. Just a note of encouragement - my best friend was diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year, and she just found out she's pregnant. No intervention of any kind or even really trying - it just happened. I hope that happens for you too. :)

  2. I know many who became pregnant with pcos, do not give up! lovely photos, as always!