Saturday, December 31, 2011


I can't believe its New Years Eve already! But man am  I excited for the new year! I feel like 2012 will just be an amazing year! I have so many goals for 2012! I hope I can accomplish them all!! 

Here they are

- Continually grow and develop in my relationship with Christ
- Grow an even stronger bond with my husband (I am so excited about this! It is hard to describe, but I love him so much, and he is forever my husband and I am excited to just get to know and learn and grow in our marriage as we go into our 3rd year of marriage) 
- Process and procedures and growing in my photography business! 
- work on gaining more self confidence
- eat healthier
- get more organized! 

I know those are kind of vague, but seriously I would be writing until tomorrow if I laid everything out! But you can expect future posts on more details of each of these! :) 

Happy New Year! Have a safe and fun night! 


  1. Sounds like great goals, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic year! :-)

  2. Love your me shot, beautiful. And the spring fever and hopes & dreams are awesome!!