Wednesday, July 25, 2012



8 weeks and 16 weeks 4 days! :)

 I love love love watching the difference between my belly! I love comparing  8 weeks to what  am now pictures, and I feel validated that my belly really is growing!! :) Often times I wonder if I just imagine it, but it really is there!

Also I will note that I think I may have possibly felt a kick yesterday and today, although it could be gas, and all other sorts, it was exactly what I had imagined a kick would feel like. Just softer. I am sure I will know in a couple weeks if what I felt twice was really a kick.They were quiet times near my hip bone on my right side (where I find the heartbeat as well)  

Disclaimer- I also know anytime now I could feel a kick, so I could be hyper aware, but I swear I felt what I felt like a kick twice! and that really gets me excited. But I know realistically it could be a gas bubble, stretching ligaments, or whatever other crazy things are going on inside my body!

I have really felt the urge to bond with my  baby. But I am struggling.. I just don't know how to yet... I love it more than life itself! But I feel I should be doing more than loving it (and growing it) ... I think Jordan and I should start talking to him/her at night time, I think they can start to hear soon, if not already.


  1. I felt kicks with all my pregnancies way before the drs said it was realistic. So I say, If you think it was a kick, it was a kick! SO happy for you and your belly.