Monday, July 16, 2012

My thoughts on experiencing the first trimester

The first trimester was harder than I thought it would be! But not as bad in the same breath...

May 9th- BFP! Such a surreal feeling. I felt like I was floating on a cloud! I was scared for about a week that this precious gift would be taken away from me. I was worried it was too good to be true. (I am 15 weeks and still think that)

May 12th- I didn't know what was going on, but I was not myself. I was so tired I couldn't even sit up! I just wanted to lay, and sleep, and just didn't even have a thought in my head. It was cloudy. This is the day the sickness started.
Me and my sea bands being sick, Porky watching over me

May 12th- May 27th the sickness didn't stop. EVER. I was so sick. I never knew that was what morning sickness was. I thought morning sickness was a quick nauseous, throw up, and feel better. BOY was I in for an awakening!! I couldn't find the energy to do anything, I was a walking zombie. I did what I had to, and that was it. I found eating non stop helped me. A good friend also gave me her sea bands to help with the sickness- it helped about 70%, and I felt like death. No joke. So 70% was really good. I could live without complaining. :) (well mostly) Also thanks to another great friend I discovered gum and life savors (mint) helped it be a little more managable. Those things helped me get through work. I remember laying on my husband saying "I am not sure how I will make it through another 6 weeks of this" I am so thank ful that he was so wonderful through those times. He was super busy and stressed out, and me not feeling good and not helping with the house at all.. didn't make things easier. but never once did he say anything to me. He laid and watched movies with me when he could. He hugged me when I wanted him too. He has been nothing but supportive. I know my first trimester rough patch was so much easier delt with because of him.

after May 27th I got a couple day break was feeling pretty good! After that I would get sick, but it was only for a few hours a day. Then it pretty much disappeared after a week of that!

All in all I am really blessed to have only been sick for 3 weeks!! But those three weeks were worse than I ever envisioned.

I didn't throw up, which I thought I would, hoped I wouldn't, but always thought I would. The sickness didn't last as long as I thought it would either. I also was shocked at my growing belly and how quick it happened! I am sure nobody else could see, but I sure could!

Food Aversions-

Juices, my homemade all natural juices- One of the things that helped me start ovulating again. It made my stomach turn! The smell of it would make me want to gag. I forced it down for several weeks because I was afraid I would miscarry if I didn't. But slowly I started juicing less and less (not on purpose) and the baby is still healthy and happy! But juicing... ick. I still can't!

First trimester cravings

I started craving chocolate milk around the 11th week. But other than that nothing really. More things that DON'T sound good than do.

I got a couple stretch marks in the first trimester- which also was unexpected!! I was really worried (ok I still am a little) that I got stretch marks so early, and what will my body look like when I am not pregnant anymore, but I know that every stretch mark, pound gained, lack of sleep, irritability, crazy emotion, is totally worth every second. I am pregnant! That is just amazing. I am blessed to have a child inside of me growing and living off of me! WHAT A MIRACLE!

8 week- dating ultrasound

that brings me to another unsuspected thing in the first trimester- irritability. I was really irritable from 5 weeks until 10 weeks! I was surprised! I guess I never anticipated that.

I hope this post doesn't sound like complaining! Because that is not my intent. My intent is to talk about what I expected and how it really went! I am truly beyond grateful I am blessed to have this child and carry this child that my husband and I created and the Lord blessed us with!

8 wks

10 weeks

12 weeks

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