Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My thoughts on breastfeeding

I thought it would be fun for me to talk about my thoughts on certain topics before I experience motherhood. It will be fun to look back and see how much my thoughts stayed the same or turned out differently. I will do a follow up post after I have experienced breastfeeding for a while, and see how things turn out! :)

My thoughts on breastfeeding...
 before I have any experience what so ever.

I really want to breastfeed. I am willing to do whatever it takes to give it my best shot. I am well aware (in the non experienced kind of way) breastfeeding is hard work and doesn't come easily for mom and baby's sometimes. So I know there is a chance that it won't happen, or that I may not be able to for as long as I would like. However. My thoughts are this:  I want to do whatever it takes to breastfeed. I want to fight hard for it, and hope that over time it would become easy for me and the baby and we will get our groove thing and be a great team of milk supplier, and milk eater.

 I want to exclusively contact feed for the first maybe 6 weeks. Then I still would like to mainly contact feed but when husband and I go out for date night, have grandparents watch the baby and pump and bottle feed, also have dad in on the action of feeding once in a while. I don't have the details or know how baby's react to the different feeding method, or how to introduce both kinds of feeding yet.

I want to continue giving my baby breastmilk for the first year of baby's life. I think once the baby gets on solid food, or we start introducing food, and milk isn't a huge source of baby's diet (again not sure when that is) I would like to stop contact feeding and strictly pump.

My fears of breastfeeding

-that I will hate it! I am so scared that I won't like the feeling of  breastfeeding. I am afraid that it will annoy me. Realistically I don't think I will, but a tiny part of me, is like " what if I don't like it"

-that I won't be able to handle it. That I will struggle with supply and melt in the high stress of it all. I know my husband and family would be supportive if that happened, but I as a mom, I want to enjoy it, love it, and handle it all with ease (in my dreams, right?)

-lastly that I won't produce enough. I have listened to my friends and heard what their doctors told them and read some blogs about it, so this fear has dwindled down and is pretty small fear. I do know that there is a chance, small chance, but stilla chance that I can't produce enough milk. I am so thankful for having such open friends because I have learned awesome things such as cluster pumping among others that help with supply if  I do happen to struggle with that.

I plan on using any and all people to ask questions and to hopefully help guide me through the breastfeeding journey.

I also do know that if for whatever reason breastfeeding doesn't work out, I will be ok with formula. I know so many baby's that are on formula instead of breastmilk and that is fine with me. I know that the baby will be fine. I believe its important for mom and baby to be happy, and if they can't find a solution with breastfeeding formula works!

 (Ok now remember, I am a first time mom.. you know we are crazy!I am telling you my thoughts and envision. I FULLY know these things may not pan out that way. so take my thoughts for what they are... thoughts in my head)


  1. I didn't for my first. Wasn't able to because of MAJOR complications. I did for my second, "like a boss." He wasn't weened until he was three! It was the night time fix and bedtime wasn't happening if he wasn't nursing. The biggest issue for me, as a teacher, was that there was not a private place to pump and store while babe was in daycare and I worked. Little sympathy for my need...

    1. That is such a bummer that you didn't have a place to store and pump! I thought that was mandatory!? I hope I can breastfeed "like a boss"! haha Love it!