Tuesday, August 21, 2012

20 weeks!

How far along: 20 weeks!
Total weight gain: 12 lbs!!! eeks!!! 3 lbs in one week, not good! I did just have a big food day at work yesterday, so it wouldn't surprise me if I dropped a pound later this week.
Maternity clothes: still making due with the belly band and a couple shirts. A friend from church let me borrow some of her maternity clothes so that is awesome!! A couple things will definitely work! But a couple won't. but i am so thankful for anything, because my pickings are so slim!!
Best moment of the week: the 20 week ultrasound!! :) I will reveal in the next post what Baby B is!! :) Feeling her kick on a daily bases, multiple times a day!
Food cravings: chocolate
Food aversions: nothing really.

boobs sore- still there, way less prevelant though
cramps- no
tiredness- better since I am not sick anymore!!
irritability- back to normal. :)
acne- better this week!
bloat- I am going to say its all baby now. :)
burning muscle pain in upper abdomen- all gone!
Movement: yep! And I swear I feel the baby get stronger by the day!
Gender: reveal coming next!
What I’m looking forward to: stronger kicks! I love feeling this baby move!! I can't get enough of it!
What I miss: I get tired pretty easily, but this is so minor!!
Next appt: August 24th, I had my high risk appointment on the 17th, (more on that in the next post) now to see my regular midwife on Friday! :)
How big is baby: Your baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel — the length of a banana. (For the first 20 weeks, when a baby's legs are curled up against his torso and hard to measure, measurements are taken from the top of his head to his bottom — the "crown to rump" measurement. After 20 weeks, he's measured from head to toe.) He's swallowing more these days, which is good practice for his digestive system. He's also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in his bowels, and you'll see it in his first soiled diaper (some babies pass meconium in the womb or during delivery).
-taken from babycenter


  1. So glad things are going so well! Can't wait to hear what baby is! :)