Tuesday, August 14, 2012

wearing a badge of honor...

also known as stretchmarks.

I got my first little stretchmarks at 10 weeks. I was a little worried, but I kept them at bay for a decent amount of time... and I was feeling hopeful that my belly got the hang of this whole "stretching thing", and would stop.

WELL THEY ARE BACK!  and reproducing like crazy! I lifted up my shirt in the bathroom, to check out my growing belly, like I do all the time. ( hehe) and there they were... small ones, peppered all over my belly!! eeks!! It freaks me out a little bit. I get a little worried, "what in the world is my belly going to look like at the end?!"

However, I have to take a step back and realize that this is just another sign that my baby is growing nice and healthy inside of me.

 I have dreamt of this day for as long as I could remember. I have always looked forward to pregnancy, and all that came with it. ( I have learned some things, aren't as cool as  I thought.. AKA morning/all day sickness and fatigue..just to name a few)

I am hitting the most exciting times in my pregnancy (in my opinion)

We are embarking on a journey I have waited my life for!  I will wear my stretchmarks with pride, and as a badge of honor. God has blessed me with being able to be a mother, carry and bear a child. He has blessed my husband and I with something that seals us together forever! Honestly. How amazing?! And how worth every second of anything we go through to get this precious life!

so bring on the stretchmarks! (in the meantime I will still be lotioning my belly at every available moment)

back when we were dating :)
I love this man so much, and I am so grateful to have him as my husband and also the father of my child and future children! We make a great team! :)

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  1. Our bodies do some pretty crazy things to bring another life into this world, and while it's not always pretty the end result is miraculous and it's good that you are focusing on the positives :)