Friday, August 31, 2012

food journal day 1

I have been on too much of a weight gain streak the last couple weeks. I am up to 13 lbs weight gain! (insert heart palpatations here) Which I would like to only be at 10 lbs up at this stage in my pregnancy. I need to gain control of my food again, I have subconsciously developed the "I'm pregnant, I can do what I want" mentality. And that is just not ok to have right now. I am overweight and I need to eat healthy for myself and my baby girl. So I am airing my dirty laundry! (I am overweight for a reason people, I eat too much, and don't exercise enough, I do have PCOS, which doesn't help, but I know I could be skinny if I ate and exercised like I should)  I am keeping track of my food for the day on here. Let me know if these are way lame, and you dont like reading about my food, or if you enjoy reading these either way let me know!!  I also want to start posting recipes again. But I will start with baby steps...

I can't guarantee I will be perfect at this, nor can I guarantee I will keep this up.. .because I am known for doing all or nothing. :) But I want to take control of my life, and live the life I want to live. Which takes effort, failures, and trials.

Day 1

coffee- half decaf, half caffeinated
3 eggs, mushroom bits, green pepper bits and red pepper bits
bite size caramel
granola bar (quakers smores)
fruit loops with skim milk 

sierra turkey from panera bread
diet pepsi (it was really tempting me)

perkins - eggs benedict and muffin

Daily water intake
60 ounces

(these are posted the next day- so this is what I ate yesterday)


  1. Such a cute baby bump! And I always eat a little more of "whatever I want" while pregnant, but like you said you wanna make sure and take care of baby! :)

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and have given you a blog award :)