Saturday, December 29, 2012

Funny labor and delivery dream & some cute photos!

The other night I had a dream I went into labor and had my baby, and I couldn't remember ANY of it! I had to ask my husband how it went and what went down! He told me (reminder this is all a dream) that I made it all naturally, but they had to put me in a dark padded room, and that I threw up and pooped through the entire labor/delivery. My favorite midwife delivered the baby. In my dream my baby was bald and light colored hair, and I didn't remember anything until we were at home with the baby.

Funny isn't it? I am getting so excited and anxious for her arrival! Bed rest isn't really helping the time go by fast either! My muscles are killing me(shoulder blades mostly) and I think it is from bed rest... I need a good massage!! My husband does a great job at making the pain go away at the time, but the next day it always seems to come back, and I feel awful always having him massage me, he has a lot going on, and I am sure massaging my shoulders are not on the top of his list on things he wants to do. :)

Me on 12-28-12
Since it has been SO long since I have posted anything BUT weekly updates here are a few extra pictures... sorry they are crappy cell phone pictures... but on bed rest there isn't much I can do! And funny thing... I have EVEN LESS motivation than I did before I was put on bed rest. Here is the link for why they put me on bed rest

Sleepy boy

tired pup

Snuggling with the family

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