Friday, December 21, 2012

update at 37weeks+6 days

I will get my bumpdates up to date probably tomorrow. But just thought I would tell you they put me on modified bed rest Wednesday the 19th. Due to high blood pressure. Which totally stinks! I am not sure what to make of it. I fear that my body won't handle labor and I will have to have a C section. I am really hoping that isn't the case. But I know it really doesn't matter if that is what I need. As long as baby and I are safe that is what really matters.

 I can't help but feel bummed out that I might not get the birth experience I was hoping for. I wanted a water birth, with no IV's and no complications. I wanted to sail through pregnancy with nothing wrong and have everything be perfect. I wanted to feel beautiful and perky and have endless amount of energy during pregnancy and show off my belly to anyone and everyone that would look! Unfortunately that has not been the case. I haven't had a troublesome pregnancy by any means!! But through my entire pregnancy I have struggled with sleeping and being tired a lot, and then now towards the end with the high blood pressure and being put on bed rest, really stinks.

I am worried that this may deter my husband from wanting more kids. For me none of this is that big of a deal, and I hope that I do not burden him with any thing that is going on with me, but I fear that having these little "blips" of imperfection in my pregnancy will deter him from wanting more kids, and I just don't want that! And if I have to have a C section I do not want it to deter him from wanting to have more kids. I just don't want these things going on to affect him or his thoughts in anyway negatively towards having more kids. Is that silly? Am I just hormonal!? LOL. He hasn't said anything at all about it, but I just worry that he is making mental notes for the next time we want to go through this. I am sure if he read this he would probably be doing a HUGE eye roll on me talking about future kids. Sorry hunny. I just don't want what I am going through now to affect our future. That is all.

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  1. I've had three c-sections now... Not ideal, but not terrible. Your health is what is important. And don't worry about deterring future babies... We all forget the little details of pregnancy when babe is in our arms. :-)