Sunday, July 24, 2011

warrior Dash

Yesterday was the 5k warrior dash today in minneeesooootttaaa. (said with my best Fargo voice)
Here is what went down

10:00am- hubs and I drove, got checked in and hung out soaking up the awesome/crazy environment AKA got fried, like a lobster.

1:30 - our race began Super exciting! For the first 45 seconds, then we had to run up this monsterous, and let me tell you monsterous is an understatement, hill! (did I mention the warrior dash was at a ski resort?!?!?!! Worse than you imagine) 

treacherous typhoon was our first obstacle (apparently they didn't count the mountain we had to climb)  lots of water being blown at you while you run through it... it felt sooooo good! I vote they do that through the whole thing! Granted you couldn't see a THING while you were going through it, but it felt good. 

Road rage was the next obstacle that was running through tires and jumping on cars, it was pretty cool

Barricade breakdown- NOT fun. You know how you see in the army, people jumping over walls and then under barbwire well that is what we did, and I always that thought it would be fun ... nope. Nothing fun about it. Especially when you are 5'3. 

Chaotic crossover- crawling across cargo net 5 feet in the air, I bear crawled it, but sometimes used my knees, and that kind of hurt, but I enjoyed the challenge

Blackout- was crawling in a black hole... it was hot, we were going up hill, it wasn't my favorite. I could have done without, but thankful I didn't have to run up a hill, good excuse to crawl, but it was a sauna in there.

Cargo climb- that was climbing up cargo net REALLY high. That was fun! i loved it! I did it really fast too! Go me!! 

Run through sand... but apparently they don't count that as an obstacle... i think they were mistaken, that was hard. 

The great barrier wall- This was the one I was fearing the most. Climb up a wall using a rope with an inch lip every 3 feet. I did not think I would be able to do this. BUT I DID!! That was high also, and it actually was scary and made me nervous. But I did it, and that felt so cool! 

Run through some mud, slipped, but again not an obstacle in their books... 

Teetering traverse- I was a little slow in this one because as it was my turn the guy said "no one has fallen off yet, no pressure" THANKS. I wasn't nervous, until YOU said that! I made it, it was fun. Oh I suppose you want to know what it was... it was boards 5 feet off the ground that you walk on, pretty thin, going different directions. 

Petrifying plunge- this was a big slip in slide, I heard people weren't going down it very fast unless they took a running jump, so that is what  I did, I went Super fast and landed hard and fast into the bumpers.. the workers were proud! 

Then we jumped over fire- twice-  yea that felt bad ass.

MUDPIT- the final obstacle to the race- that was fun. we crawled through the mudpit under barbed wire. I got mud in my mouth, disgusting. Think about it... thousands of people doing this race, at the end.. yea if I die.. that is probably why. 

I didn't mention the 30,411 massive hills we had to run up and down in between all the obstacles because well that is boring.. but let me tell you! That was hard!!! But this event was so much fun!! I can't wait to do it next year!!  **30,411 may possibly be a slight dramatization. 


  1. Oh gosh. That looks so exhausting, yet totally fun. Love the mud picture! :)

    Marla @

  2. Wow... you should be really proud of yourself! I'm so impressed and I love the muddy pics!

  3. I'm tired just reading this. Wow, what an accomplishment. I love your muddy shots.

  4. Great shots! Congrats on the race!

  5. Haha - I love the muddy pics, you both look lovely! :-)