Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This speaks to my heart.

As long as I can remember I have had such a love for Africa, and a yearning to help the children in Africa. I can't even describe the desire I have to go and make a huge dent in Africa for the children!! I want to save them all! I want be there for all the kids!! I want to rescue all the children sex slaves, I want to save all the children soldiers, I want to save all the scared, hungry, thirsty, sad kids in Africa!!! So bad!! My desires to go to Africa have been becoming stronger and stronger as of lately! In the new year my hope was that my dream could come true, and I could go on a missions trip with a church near my home, they go to Swaziland (between mozambique and south africa) they help with the children, and also help with water. I was so excited thinking that 2012 was the year, unfortunately, news of my husbands job is increasingly unstable, and the trip is $3,000, plus my husband wants to go with, so that is $6,000. Plus we have to get passports. It defeats me a little to know that we cant go this year, but I know God has a plan for me, and I know that one of His plans is to bring me to Africa to help in any way I can. And maybe not bring me to Africa (that could be my wishful thinking) but to bring awareness. This Kony 2012 has my heart pumping!! I want to jump on a plane and do anything and everything to capture this guy!!!

This video is amazing, and I speaks directly to my heart. this is the first time I feel like someone is explaining THE EXACT REASON WHY I LOVE AND CARE FOR AFRICA. all that is mentioned in that video is the exact reason I need to help Africa!! so please. watch this video.  I have watched it 3 times already.


  1. This post really strikes a cord with me because I have a real desire for Africa from within as well. It has only gotten stronger since we adopted our little girl from Ethiopia 5yrs ago. My wife and I plan to not only go back and visit where she is from but there is a strong desire to work among the orphanages.

    1. amazing! I would love to hear your story of adopting your little girl from Ethiopia!

      I would love to do that! I pray that my dream of that comes true!