Monday, March 26, 2012

weekly weigh in week 10

weight loss this week: 0

Total weight loss: + 1.6 

Average: (10 weeks in) 0.

Exercise: I quit taking the elevator at work, it isn't a lot, but I am on third floor. Plus the vending machines are on the lower level, I usually get a diet mountain dew down there, and on bad days some jalepeno cheetohs, but since I have decided to take the stairs I have managed to talk myself out of walking down and up 4 flights of stairs, just to get unhealthy things! :) That actually came as a surprise to me! On Saturday I also went on a 2 mile walk, that was nice! I have decided that I am not focusing on exercise just yet in my weight loss journey, more about that later in the post

Juicing: I juiced twice. But the 5 days I didn't juice I drank Naked juice,  I know that isn't AS good for me (they heat it up to have a longer shelf life killing some good stuff) but still way better than nothing and its all natural! So yes, I wish I juiced more, and I am working on that for this week.

My pills: I took my pills 6 out of 7 days!! Go me!! :) Saturday was the only day I missed! And I thought about them, but I wasn't at my house.

update on my cycle: I haven't BBT charted (taking my morning temperature to determine where in my cycle I am) in a while, but I know I ovulated, my boobs are a hurtin'! Of course this always excites me! I am in the two week wait! Part of me feels really excited and think it really could be this month! But then part of me thinks, yes, Tara for a normal girl it could be this month, but you have issues, and you have to remember that. I know I am ovulating but the "two week wait" just seems so unreal for me! That I am actually in it! 17 months of trying, and I feel like I am in the final hours (so to speak) of waiting! I know my "final hours" could take 6 months, but seriously, what is 6 more months to 17 months! ya know? Or ok if it takes 17 more months at least I am halfway through it! I just feel like I have made it through a hurdle, and maybe that it is because I am feeling safe that I am actually going to be ovulating every month as long as I keep up with my juicing!

Overall: I am disappointed that I haven't lost any weight, and am actually up 1.6 lbs. I just have to find my groove and unfortunately 10 weeks in and I am still searching for it. I wish I could have just lost 1 lbs a week! That is 10 lbs I would have been down! but I know I can't think that way. I know thinking that way can just depress me, and then I would give up.

I am finding myself in this journey and what works for me and what doesn't. Doing all or nothing, clearly wasn't working for me. I know God is in me and I can do all things through Him. But I am thinking I need to build to that. I can't just change my lazy habbits over night (well I can.. but too hard for my lazy self!) If it was that easy nobody would struggle. Right? So what have I done?  I revised again! :) I wasn't ever getting in my exercise, and I was feeling guilty about that. So I got to thinking, 80% of weight loss is diet, 20% is exercise. Why not try and get more hold on the 80% before I work on the 20%. I will work on exercise and I want to make that a part of my daily life eventually, but I am putting that on the back burner for right now. No more expecting myself to wake up at the butt crack of dawn (well in my case, before the butt crack of dawn) and I feel relieved.  Here is what I am focusing on.

-no longer take the elevator at work
-drink 80 ounces of water a day

-take my pills every day
-no more than 600 calories at home (monday - Friday)
-no more than 900 calories at work (monday-Friday)

Obviously, I will keep changing and re arranging things until I find my groove, and I can lose weight! I have a goal of losing 10 lbs by May 1st, and would like to lose 3 more for my husbands birthday (May 23rd) 13 lbs down for his birthday would feel good! 

I also have been thinking about something Joyce Meyer says.. not to ask yourself how you feel about things, but just do them!


  1. Baby steps.... Hang in there, girl. Sounds like you're on the right track!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I really hope I start losing soon! :( I know its my fault, but I really do get frustrated with myself!