Thursday, April 12, 2012

a good read (an article- teaching children a little respect)

I just want to stop in quick and say I loved this article! 

Teaching children a little respect

I feel like so many kids out there that lack respect for adults. That is one of my fears when I become a mother, I want my child to respect adults, peers and things. 

I love the suggestions this article offers. Sometimes I think about it, and think "How can I do that" and this article just kind of lays it out there pretty simplistically, which I love! :)

I hope to be a good example to my future children, and reading things like this is such a great reminder for me! I just hope I can remember this when I do become a mom! 

Have a fabulous Friday! 


  1. Great article, and I can't agree more with the first point she made! Our children learn so much from just watching us, so by being respectful yourself your children are watching you and picking it up.