Monday, April 30, 2012

Still here

Hey all- I wanted to stop in and tell you I am still here! I have neglected blogging lately. I don't even REALLY have a good reason, but I have some excuses.  I went to South Dakota this past weekend, my husband transferred locations at his job, and with that comes new hours, My photography has really been picking up! (YAY) I am trying to adapt better photography business ediquette! (more on that later) I haven't lost any weight, and I have been really lazy lately.

But I will be posting more and catchin you up! :) I also am working on my TGB photography blog and will hopefully have that up and running and I can share that with you guys.

oh and I also had a scentsy party! Another excuse of why i was busy! I haven't been bringing my camera out lately. I have only been taking it out during "work". Lame. eh? I have vowed not to let that be me! So I am taking a pictures on my camera lately, and I got instagram and drawsomething! Love those two things! :) I am also reading the "5 love languages" (Not sure who the author is) and "so long insecurities" by Beth moore. I am meeting with a great friend and discussing the beth moore book! And 5 love language book is just for me. I really enjoy marriage books and learning and growing in my marriage. I LOVE being married and I love learning more about my husband and I love analysing him! hehe. :)

well I will have a better post shortly!

PS- I have been keeping up on reading blogs for the most part from my phone, which is why i don't comment. but I should be developing a routine in the NEAR future. hopefuly this week is the week for that! :)

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