Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly weigh in 13

Weight loss this week: I'm not exactly sure how to count this week... because yesterday I would have lost 1 lbs this week, however I woke up this morning, and it said I gained two!!! I think it is just a flucuation. But I guess I will go with the +2 lbs, but just know next week, will probably -3 or -4 lbs!! :) Because of that flucuation.

Total weight loss: +1.4, I am not that sad, because like I said... yesterday showed a -1 lbs loss, which would have totalled -1.6 total. but I am being nice, and sticking to Monday weigh in only. ;)

Average: (13weeks in) +1.4

Exercise: I went on a few walks this week, they were short, but they still count! Yesterday I had a newborn photoshoot, and I definitely sweated! Still not taking the elevator at work. I really notice an attitude change in myself when I exercise, I walk taller, feel slimmer, I overall feel better about myself! I love it! of course, I am not really focusing on exercise, but I am definitely noticing how good I feel about these small slight changes.

Also- my husband bought P90X. I am thinking about doing it too, but I am really nervous to tell people! What if I start doing it, and then I stop because I am too overwhelmed with too much to do? I think I will write it in this section and that is where you can find my update on it! I will probably even do a day 1 picture, and continue to take pictures, if I continue to do it, every two weeks.  

The little baby in her belly, is the newborn photo shoot I did! I can't wait to share! :)

Juicing: I juiced once. UGH. I will juice 3-4 times next week. I will.

My pills: I didn't refill my pills so I was awful at taking them! And we are waiting for my prenatals to go on sale, so I am out of them too! Good thing my eggs are 3 months old so whatever I ovulate this month will be vitamin-ed up! :) (same thing as last week)

I am refilling my pills tonight though!

update on my cycle: No update since I got my period two weeks ago. I am however going to start charting my temps again. At least for a small amount of time.

Overall: I feel like next week is going to be an awesome week with weight loss, especially because i think the two pound gain is a fluke, and the day before it said  I lost 1 lbs (which is more like it)


  1. Hi! I just found your blog from Nicole's girl party. (I know! That was so long ago!) I really enjoy your blog. It is very inspiring and I can feel the desire and the goals that you have for the future. Good luck with your weight loss and your baby plans (although I have to admit- you won't be able to have them both at the same time! :)) and thanks for being so inspiring in your goals!

    new follower :)

  2. new follower! Keep up the weight loss! it's always always always worth it! And it makes you feel pretty awesome as well once said and done! I'm very excited to read through your blog! You take gorgeous pictures!

    1. Thank you! :) I am trying! Hoping to get to my "ideal(but realistic) weight" Sometime! :)

  3. Sounds like you are doing a great job sticking with it!