Thursday, June 14, 2012

8 weeks bumpdate may 29th

How far along: 8 weeks.
How big is baby: It’s a raspberry.
Total weight gain: 1 lbs
Maternity clothes: nope
Sleep: It has been pretty good. I wake up once in the night to go to the bathroom, but it doesn't bother me.
Best moment of the week: seeing the baby on the ultrasound and seeing the heartbeat!!!
Food Aversions: juicing, the thing (obviously besides God) that I believe got me pregnant!
Food cravings: strawberries
Symptoms: from 5 weeks 5 days until 7 weeks 5 days I was sicker than crap! I was miserable. I had no energy what so ever. You want me to move?? ugh. LOL. I was "icky" feeling non stop, and wasn't sure how I would make it!! But thankfully after 7w5d mark it has gotten so much better, it isn't all day every day, it is a couple hours a day now.
Movement: just some cramping and stretching, making room for baby.
Gender: who knows! But I think its a boy!
What I’m looking forward to: feeling the baby kick! getting into the 2nd trimester "safer zone"
What I miss: not really much of anything, but maybe my diet mountain dew!
Doctor's appointment: May 29th was my first doctors appointment!! I was so excited! I had a little bit high blood pressure, which they said they equate with nerves of your first doctor appointment. Which I was beyond excited, so I know that is what it was! I had a pap, ugh. and talked about the history of my family. And then she brought in the ultrasound machine! I was so excited! (I knew I would have one because my cycles are CRAZY! and they need a due date) so they did the transvaginal ultrasound and my midwife couldn't find the baby. She told me she thought she saw a "flicker" but wouldn't "bet her life on it" and so she told us we would need to schedule another ultrasound in radiology department. She then talked about how I could just not be as far along as I thought and she also talked miscarriages, and asked us if we had any questions. I was so disappointed, sad, upset and trying to hold it together, I said nope. We had to go schedule the ultrasound, I was trying to keep it together, and while scheduling the ultrasound I stopped myself from crying by reading the calendar. (LOL) After that is all set my husband says "well lets go get your labs done" and I must have said something ( I don't remember) and he said "you dont have to sound so snotty" and that is where I lost it I said "I am trying not to cry" and then I started sobbing in the hallway of a big clinic. I tried to hide my face with the folder they gave me, because it was the ugly cry that I had going on. My husband comforted me and decided we probably shouldn't do my labs today, so we walked to his car, hugged and I went back to work (I work across the parking lot from the clinic) A co worker asked how my appointment went, and then I lost it again. I silently... well ok not so silenty ( you know the snotty sobs and heavy breathing that happens when you cry) cried for um... lets just say a long time at work. I got it together called and told my parents that they couldn't find the baby and we have an appointment in 24 hours. Also had to text a couple friends that were asking about the appointment. I made it home, and my amazing husband took me out to eat, and a shopping trip to target to look at baby stuff, to make me feel better. (he melts my heart with how sweet and thoughtful he is) towards the end of the night I feel that God really laid peace on my heart. I was feeling more and more confident that I was just less far along than I thought (under 6 weeks is undectable in an ultrasound per my midwife) although it didn't make sense time wise that I would only be 6 weeks, I had determined that was what was going on. The next morning I went to work, and anxiously waited for the appointment to be here. I met my husband in the parking lot and he gave me a support card, that just made my heart melt. We walked into the ultrasound hand in hand. I laid on the bed and he put the ultrasound on my belly and there was our beautiful baby!!! It looked like a little gummy bear!! I was in love, I felt Jordan's hand give my arm a squeeze and all my worries went away. I got up went to the bathroom and back for the transvaginal ultrasound. I got a closer view of my baby and got to see the beautiful heart beat!! It was just amazing. I was on cloud nine. I have waited so long  to see that ultrasound and see a growing baby in my belly! I got the picture and I was a beaming annoying first time mom and I am more than ok with that! I love my baby. :)


  1. Post the pic of your ultra sound!

  2. I enjoy the way you have presented this great information about baby.It makes me wonder why I had not thought of it before! Thanks for sharing