Saturday, June 2, 2012

family photo session

I have been a little scarce lately, and honestly its because I have been having all day sickness and I also have been extremely tired!! I am fully enjoying growing this baby though!! :) We got to hear the heartbeat and see our little gummy bear! It was such a surreal and amazing moment!!

I just have to share some photos from this session! I had such a great time with them! They are such a wonderful family! I often found myself thinking during this photoshoot "it would be so fun to be apart of this family!"

I had a hard time narrowing the selection down.. so many favorites!!

Mom, sister/aunt, brother/dad, son/nephew and of course the family dog that was such a good boy!! :)

I just LOVE this one! 

I love this too!!

ok i love them all. :) 

he was such a character! So fun! 

she is so beautiful! 


  1. Great shots Tara! Looking forward to when you get to show us pictures of your own little guy or girl! Have a great week and I hope your feeling better.

    1. Thank you! :) I am excited for that too!!! :)