Wednesday, January 22, 2014

checking in...

Yesterday I wrote this post about living purposefully and getting back on track. Drinking water, and calorie counting.

I did really good all day. I measured everything out, I went out to eat, I got a salad and ordered banana and strawberries for desert. I got home and was dead tired at 7:30. I ended up falling asleep at 8 pm and at 9 Adeline woke me up because she lost her pacifier and I needed to go get it for her. I realize I am so tired because I am restricting my calories. I had eaten 1350 calories for the day. That was my goal. I was super happy with that.

However 9 pm, I was tired and bummed because I normally don't go to bed until 11:30. I ate a bowl of cereal, which turned into 2 bowls of cereal. HELLO 500 calories! Ugh. So now I have energy. At least I stayed up and did my bible study, but I ate 500 extra calories. I would have much preferred to just go to bed and lose weight! Darn weaknesses! Willpower where did you go!?

I drank 60 ounces of water today. I am happy with that.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am hoping I can keep my mouth closed and only consume the 1350 calories.

 I know my body will adjust to eating that amount soon and I won't be so sleepy once it adjusts so I just need to get over the initial hurdle.

Side note: it is snowing here in Minnesnowta... I hope the roads are good tomorrow.

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